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If you are level 80 or higher you can try the Warsong City dungeon.

To get started, speak to the Watcher of Earth in any major city and accept the quest "Visit the Sanctuary." This quest will lead you to Dancing Melody in Sanctuary, who will send players to Warsong City.

Once inside, speak to Ginring. He is the guardian of Warsong City and will bring you up to speed on the situation within the city.

The evil Incacerate, a great and terrible Wraithlord, was sealed in Warsong City years ago. Now his servants are attempting to free him, which would spell the doom of Perfect World. The only chance is to venture into Warsong City and destroy him before he can escape and gain his full power.

There are three stages to Warsong City. The first is "Raising Warsong." The second is "Protect the Incarnations." The third is "Heart of the City." Speak with Ginring and choose the "Start the Battle for Warsong" option to begin.

NOTE: In order to start the battle, you must be a squad leader and have 12 Mirage Celestones in your inventory.

The first stage is "Raising Warsong." In this stage, you must speak with Clearstream, the one who sealed the Incacerate long ago, and aid her and her disciple against the Wraithlord's minions while she prepares her spells.

NOTE: This stage is optional, but completing it will reward your squad with powerful Blessing items that will make the rest of the dungeon easier.

The second stage is "Protect the Incarnations." In this stage, you must split your squad between the five Elemental Pavilions of Warsong City. Each pavilion contains one of Clearstream's incarnations, who is attempting to remove the Incacerate's defenses. You must protect these incarnations from the constant Wraith attacks. If an incarnation falls, you will not lose, but the final stage will be harder because of it.

NOTE: Do not stray too far from the incarnations. Powerful and indestructible Flamefist Thralls wander the inner paths of the city and should be avoided at all cost.

Once the second stage ends, an NPC named Glowing Moon will appear. Speak with him to go to the center of Warsong City and begin the final stage.

NOTE: Do not linger in the Elemental Pavilions, or the Incacerate's minions will appear and destroy you.

The third and final stage is "Heart of the City." Now reunited, your squad must venture down each of the paths radiating out from the center, back to the Elemental Pavilions, and destroy all five of the Incacerate's generals: Pestilent Destroyer, Obscure Reaper, Snakefist Guardian, Cannonfist Orclord, and Shadowskull Lich.

The NPC that appears after each general that is defeated is optional. Talking to this NPC will initiate another battle with the general your squad just faced. It is not necessary to defeat them again to complete Warsong, but the rewards they drop are well worth the time. The generals appear as Vile: Pestilent Destroyer, Vile: Obscure Reaper, Vile: Snakefist Guardian, Vile: Cannonfist Orclord, and Vile: Shadowskull Lich.

NOTE: The more incarnations you protect in the second stage, the fewer monsters there will be between you and these bosses. Protect them well.

Should you manage to defeat all five generals, you will receive a reward based on your success in the second stage. However, in order to fight the Incacerate himself, you must protect all five of Clearstream's incarnations. Otherwise, you will be unable to face him.

NOTE: It is also optional to face Vile: The Incacerate after defeating the first one.

KNOWN Text issues:

  • The Warsong Gatekeeper is sometimes called the Messenger of Operation.
  • The Pestilent Destroyer is sometimes called the Wraith General.

Warsong City Official Trailer

As of the May 23rd, 2012 patch Warsong City underwent some changes.

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