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This is a guide for the latest content update "Rising Call" that includes an update to the venomancer pet system. The guide was taken from this thread.


What is the pet upgrade and how does it work?

The new venomancer pet upgrade is an update to the old, and quite outdated, pet system of the class.

Once certain pets reach level 100 they will have the new option of being evolved and change their appearance using new items (see venomancer Daily below). In addition to this, pets will be affected by the venomancer's statistics and gear once they have evolved. The pet's final statistics will be based on the venomancer's statistics and gear at the time of the pet's summoning.

The statistics and gear from which the pets will be affected are the following:

  • HP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Attack level
  • Defense Level

HP = (Venomancer's HP/ Venomancer's Level)x(a constant number = 24) + Pet HP stat = overall HP of the pet 5% bonuses from equipment seem not to affect the pets.

Attack = (Max weapon Magic attack + Magic Rings + Magic attack adds + Shards)x(Loyalty)x(Inherit Coeficient) + Pet Attack stat = overall attack power of the pet

Defence = (Equipment + Resistance Adds + Shards)x(Inherit Coefficient) = overall defence of the pet Includes both physical and magic defence.

Defence/Attack Level = (Venomancer's Defense/Attack Level)x(Inherit Coeffcient) = overall Defense/Attack level of the pet

The above maths were provided by dupethefile.

Each pet will have a unique Inherit Stat for the HP, Attack, Defence, Attack level and Defence level. Each pet will have to be trained (see pet training below) in order to change these values.

Pets can gain EXP by being fed Feral Soul Stars. It's been reported that they are quite effective. It appears that the higher level the pet, the more EXP the Stars give. Someone in-game reported to me that it takes about 800 Stars to level a pet from 102 to 103.

Legendary pets will change inhabitant! They will now be able to be taken into instances, go underwater and fly. Old legendary pets (Hercules/Phoenix) can go on land, water and air after they evolve. New legendary pets (Monkey/Harpy) can go on land, water and air from lvl1.

Venomancer daily quest for pets; Lycaeum of Cultivation

It's available only for venomancers level 100 and above. It's a solo instance from which venomancers can obtain Feral Soul Stars that are used to feed pets with EXP, evolve them, change mood and reshape the inherit stats.

The quest can be taken at the Mrs. Zoologist (585 620) in South Archosaur once per day, between 8:00am to 11:30pm server time. Pick up the yellow quest for the pass, it only lasts 15 minutes so make sure to enter quickly. Please note that you can pick up the pass regardless of time, but you can only start the quest within the time frame I wrote above. Pick up the blue quest to enter the instance. Make sure you're not squaded with anyone otherwise you won't be able to enter.

Once you are inside, speak to the NPC to start. Another NPC will spawn after a few seconds along with the guards and the puffbird. The second NPC has a quest where you can exchange 1 Feral Soul Star to receive 10 back. The first time you enter the instance you can exchange one Feral Soul Star to receive 140 back. Don't miss it, it's a one-time only quest.

You'll see a semi-circle of dark horseman guards, waiting for the flood of the enemy monsters that will spawn from a purple-looking portal.

In order to defeat incoming enemies you will have to activate the guards to attack them for you, and as you defeat enemies, you'll earn credits. In order to activate the guards you have to tab and select the invisible mob lvl? and AOE. Another way is to be ctrl + click skill but in order to work you must be in PK mode. (This is not how the instance is intended to work, it is a bug that has been addressed)

Attacking a previously activated guard will switch them between flame (magic) and physical attacks. Activating a new guard will cost 100 credits, so you can only activate guards as you earn credits from defeating enemies.

The order you activate the guards does not matter, activate them in whatever order works for you.

Sometimes a fox monster will try to sneak past and go to the other side at the portal. You'll have to have your pet out to quickly kill the sneaky fox. It runs pretty fast so make sure to send your pet quickly. I'd recommend a ranged pet or a fast moving pet that can kill the fox monster in a couple of hits.

There will also be a puffbird which you can attack to activate and cycle through its debuffs; reduced health, slow movement speed or reduced defences. Please refer to the links above to learn how to use the puffbird. The puffbird's debuffs play an essential role into killing the waves of monsters.

There are also special monsters that spawn before each wave after the 3rd wave. Again, please refer to the links above to learn how to deal with them.

Having special monsters and sly foxes sneak into the portal at the other side will cause you to lose credit. You can use Stunning Blow to keep the fox immobilized and help your pet catch up/kill it if you don't have a fast/hard hitting or a ranged pet.

There are 10 waves in total, all random, and the last wave is a boss. Make sure to use Amplify Damage and send your pet in addition to having the guards activated. You must use all of the puffbird's debuff in order to kill the boss.

Try to freeze it to give time to your guards to kill it. Only freeze debuffs will work (Parasitic Nova, Stunning blow, Demon Frost Scarab), the boss is immune to stun.

I'd recommend starting with Parasitic Nova at the puffbird so you can keep the boss locked down while cycling through the puffbird's debuffs and keep rotating through Stunning Blow and Parasitic Nova to keep it in place. A successful rotation of those two skills should allow the guards to kill the boss. Usually the last 2-3 guards won't even touch it.

Once the event is over you will be granted Feral Soul Stars. The amount depends on your credits. Even if you get negative credit you will still get 18 Feral Soul Stars. Regardless of your score you can trade in one star to receive 10 back in addition to what you have earned with your credits.

If you get credit between 400-699 you get 20 Feral Soul Stars. If you get between 700-999 you get 22 Feral Soul Stars. If you get 1000 you get 26 Feral Soul Stars.

Getting credit over 400 will give you a low chance at getting a legendary pet skill as a reward (Claw or Bless). Getting the perfect score will give you a very low chance of getting the skill Bewitch (Squirrel), shared cooldown with Bewitch and Bewitch (Tiger).

Pet Evolution and Training Mode

In order to start the Training Mode, you will have to open the Pet Bag (press P in-game) and click the new icon that will appear next to your pet. Please note that only pets level 100 and above can enter the Training Mode.

  • Petbagiconnew.jpg

The Training Mode will give you the options of evolving and training your pet using Feral Soul Stars acquired via the new daily quest (see Venomancer Daily above).

You can use the Feral Soul Stars to feed to pet EXP. If the pet is level 100 you can use the Stars to evolve it. Additionaly, you can choose to use a combination of Feral Soul Stars and Chienkun Stones if you don't have enough Stars. Once you evolve your pet you can no longer revert it back into an egg.

  • Evolutionbutton.jpg

In order to feed a pet EXP it has to be summoned. In order to evolve/change mood/reshape is has to be stowed.

All pets require 140 Feral Soul Stars to evolve. Other options are 75 Feral Soul Stars and 20 Chienkun Stones or 20 Feral Soul Stars and 90 Chienkun stones.

Once evolved, using the Feral Soul Stars (or a combination of Feral Soul Stars and Chienkun Stones), you can change the mood of the pet (see New exclusive skills and personality skills below), increase the inherit stats of the pets and increase their EXP.

  • Evolvedwindow.jpg

The Mood grants the evolved pet two new skills. There are over 70 different Moods. Each individual pet has access to 30 Moods out of the 70. The type of Moods available vary from pet to pet. You will have to enter the Mood Training in order to roll for a new Mood. You will randomly receive a new Mood and you can choose whether you want to keep your old Mood or new Mood. Regardless of your choice the Stars/Chienkun required will be consumed. Mood skills cannot be leveled; you will have to reroll.

  • Moodtrain.jpg

In order to change the inherit stat values of your pet you will have to Reshape. Much like with Mood Training, you can choose whether you want to keep your new roll or not. Regardless of your choice the Stars/Chienkun required will be consumed.

  • Inherittrain.jpg

The Star requirement for Mood Training and Reshaping seems to be different for each pet but the difference is usually no bigger than +/- 5 Stars.

Pets that have evolved will acquire an exclusive skill. This skill is unique for each pet.

New exclusive skills and mood skills

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