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Born of the untamed, a race of human-like animals who have slowly evolved over countless years and were eventually blessed with the ability to think and have free will, the venomancer is a magic-based class that has the ability to command pets to aid in battle. Venomancers are the mages of the untamed race, utilizing deadly poison attacks and powerful debuffing skills. Like their brethren the barbarians, they can take the form of an animal (a fox), which gives them more physical strength and changes what spells they can use. Should they so choose, focusing on this ability makes them a formidable enemy in melee.


Types of Venomancers with Pros, Cons, and Builds

See also: Venomancer Common Stat Builds

A. Arcane Builds

  • This is the most common build you will find, especially at lower levels. There are two builds, and are both dependent on the playing style of the person. They are:
      1. Pure Magic: 9 Magic points, 1 Strength point per 2 levels
      2. Hybrid: 6-8 Magic points, 3-1 Vitality points, and 1 Strength point per 2 levels
  • The second one has some room for variation, depending on whether you like survival or damage better. The Strength point should always stay intact so that the equipment requirements are met.
    • 1. Pros
      • - High damage dealer (for pure magic build)
      • - High magic defense
      • - Can cast spells at range
    • 2. Cons
      • - Vulnerable to physical damage
      • - Low HP (for pure magic build)
      • - Not recommended for PvP/PK until high leveled with the proper pets
      • - Reliant on pets to tank

B. Light Armor Build

  • Light Armor builds are the second most common build you will come across, and a very popular choice for PvP/Territory War.
  • Light Armor Build: 1 Dexterity point, 1 Strength point, 3 Magic points per level
    • 1. Pros
      • - Higher critical rate
      • - Better physical defense and evasion
      • - Good build for PvP/PK/Territory Wars
      • - Can better take advantage of Fox Form skills than an arcane venomancer
    • 2. Cons
      • - Lower damage rate
      • - Less MP and magic defense due to less Magic points
      • - Low HP because there's no room for Vitality points

C. Heavy Armor Build

  • Heavy Armor Build: 1 Vitality point, 5 Strength points, 1 Magic point, 1 Dexterity point, 2 free points (can add to Vit, Dex, or Mag) per 2 levels
    • 1. Pros
      • - Tanking capabilities
      • - High physical defense
      • - Can take full advantage of Fox Form skills
      • - Can be versatile with both magic and melee attacks
    • 2. Cons
      • - Unable to equip current level magic weapon
      • - Lower magic attack, very low magic defense
      • - Hard time healing pet and keeping it alive
      • - Very equipment dependent for HP
      • - Not a good beginner player build

D. Heavy/Arcane Armor Build

  • 5 Strength points, 6 Magic points, 1 Dexterity point per 2 levels (12 stat points per 2 levels needed to equip own level heavy armor and magic weapon, where you only get 10 per 2 levels, so extra stat points must come from gear)
    • 1. Pros
      • - Tanking Capabilities
      • - High physical defense or high magical defense, depending on situation and equipment used
      • - Can take full advantage of Fox Form and human form skills
    • 2. Cons
      • - Very dependent on equipment for stat adds and HP
      • - The most expensive build, due to the above need for equipment shopping
      • - Not a good beginner player build (usually recommended for restat at 90+)

Beginning on a Venomancer

I. Starting Zone-The Northern Pass

  • This is the area where your Venomancer is born. It is here that you obtain your Supply Stash quest item, and a base for beginning and ending Dragon Quests.

-A Newcomer, New but Not Bad

  • Speak with the NPC 'Guide Xiang', and choose the quest named 'A Newcomer'. Also notice that she has a golden flag above her head. Anytime an NPC has this symbol above their head, it indicates that they have a quest you can complete. For your very first quest you have to kill 10 Horrorbites. There is a nice feature built in so that you can track the progress you have made your quests. Hit "Q" on your keyboard. A window will pop up that lists all the quests you have started. Click on the quest you want to track, and hit the 'Track' button at the bottom of the window. Once you have killed all 10 Horrorbites, speak with her again, noticing that now she has a golden scroll above her head. That symbol denotes that you have successfully completed that NPC's quest; if the scroll is gray, you have missed something. She will automatically give you a quest named 'First Time to the City' and inform you how to use your Mini-Map and Coordinates Assistant (both are located in the upper right hand corner of your screen). Many times you will see players talking about places with numbers, such as 100,100 (as an example). They are referring to a location of something in particular. If you want to find out where you are, look under where it says the name of the region you are in and it will list the coordinate below it. You can also look at your map by hitting the 'M' button attached to your Mini-Map or by hitting the "M" key. When you are ready to move on, kill 10 Jaden Qingfus and proceed south to City of the Lost.

-The Supply Stash

  • Speak again with 'Guide Xiang', and choose the option 'Supply Stash'. This is a special box that you can open every 5 levels and will give you special items such as weapons, gems, charms, and other useful items. Never sell your Supply Stash, as once you do, you'll loose the chance to get the items from it that you could have gotten later.

How to Tame, Heal, and Revive Pets

See also: Guide to Taming and Raising Pets

Healing Pets

  • Once you have reached level 3 you gain the ability to heal pets. In order to obtain the skill you must first visit the Venomancer Mai in City of the Lost. In the new window click on "Venomancer Skill." A new window will pop up listing the current skills you can learn, the amount of spirit needed and coins needed to purchase the skill. Also, hovering over the skill will bring up a smaller window informing you what the skill does. Look for the skill "Heal Pet." Double click on the icon and confirm the purchase of the skill. Congratulations! You have successfully learned your Heal Pet Skill. Now, whenever fighting with one of your pets you can heal its HP by using the Heal Pet Skill. This skill is important and should be leveled as soon as you can.

Taming Beasts

  • The Ability to tame pets is bread and butter of a Venomancer. At level 7 you can begin taming pets. To begin taming pets you must once again pay a visit to Venomancer Mai, go into Venomancer Skills and purchase the skill "Tame Beast." Taming pets can be tricky business depending on your level, the beast's level and how many hit points the beast has. Not all pets are tamable in Perfect World. To identify if a beast is tamable or not you must first click on the beast. To the left of its name will be a small icon if the beast is tamable. Green indicates the beast is easy to tame and Red indicated the beast is difficult to tame. Regardless of the icon color all beasts will be slightly easier to tame if you have first reduced its HP.

Reviving Pets

  • Unfortunately at one time or another you will have a bad stroke of luck and your pet may die in battle. Yes this may be inconvenient but at the same time it is easily fixed with another Venomancer skill. At level 3 you can obtain the skill "Revive Pet." To do so you must once again visit Venomancer Mai in City of the Lost and purchase the skill. Reviving a pet is as simple as clicking a button. Click on "Revive Pet" in your skill list and within a few seconds your pet will be ready to fight by your side. As a consequence of dying, your pet will lose some of its loyalty. You will have to feed your pet the required food to regain its loyalty.

Introduction to Venomancer Skills

See also: Venomancer Skills

Venomancers have three sets of skills, the first skill tree is composed of your attack skills. The second skill tree is composed of your healing, mana regeneration and self buff skills. The final skill tree is composed of your Fox Form only skills. If you chose the path of Arcane or Light Armor build your main focus will be in the first two skill trees. If you take the path of the Heavy Armor Build, your main focus will be on your For Form skills. Venomous Scarab is your first skill. It is a magic attack that deals wood damage. As an Arcane/Light Armor Build it is one of your most important skills and should be leveled as soon as you can because it will be your main attack as you continue your path as an Arcane or Light Armor Venomancer. The Following is a list of important Venomancer skills and their effects:

Ironwood Scarab - "Throw a splinted bug at the enemy inflicting wood damage and reducing the target's physical defense." Ironwood Scarab is a powerful attack that deals strong damage to an enemy and will reduce it's physical defense by a certain percentage for 10 seconds. This skill will allow pets that perform melee attacks to hit harder on your enemy, a must have for Arcane/Light Armor Venomancers.

Parasitic Nova - "Summon a toxic parasite array to attack the target and all enemies within a radius around it. Deals wood damage." High powered Area of Effect skill. Deals significant damage to the target and near targets (radius increases as skill is leveled). Great skill to get out of a tight situation. Con is that it requires two sparks to usee.

Bramble Guard - "Cast a bramble shield of protection around a friendly target. Returns Melee damage to attacker." Bramble Guards is an essential skill that will allow you to deal damage to a target if you are attacked. It can also be cast on others and is a great skill to use when fighting Boss type monsters

Bramble Hood - "Create an array of brambles to return physical damage. Also reduces damage take for a period of time." If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, Bramble Hood can save your life. Downside is that it requires two sparks to use but will greatly reduce the damage you take while you make your escape.

Soul Transfusion - "Instantly exchange hit point and mana point values" Soul Transfusion is a must have. There will be time when you've use all your means of healing and may be at risk of dying, you see your hit points dropping and think you're about to die. Suddenly you click on Soul Transfusion and your hit points are replenish while your mana is drained. Soul Transfusion will allow you to survive long enough to make your escape.

Summer Sprint - "Greatly increases movement speed" A necessary skill as it allow you to run at faster speeds. Essential for making escapes and an overall nice skill to have when running around on foot.

Fox Form - "Morph into Werefox form. Physical defense and chance to hit are greatly increased, but mana points are reduced." Fox Form is a required skill which allows you access to use Werefox skills. If you are a heavy armor venomancer you will spend a great deal of time attacking in Fox Form.

Amplify Damage (Fox Form skill) - "Increases damage done to targets." Amplify Damage will greatly help the squad that's fighting the monster for you as it is a curse spell and will result in the target taking more damage. Overall, Amplify Damage is a great skill to have.

Wood Mastery - "Increases all Wood magic damage." For light armor/arcane venomancers it is a must have as it increases your attack damage. Level is as soon as you can.


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How To Obtain Your Genie

Genies are obtainable from level one, and are awarded to you through a small quest at the NPC known as 'Watcher of the Earth'. 'Watcher of the Earth' is only available in the eight major cities (City of the Lost, City of the Plume, Etherblade, Citry of Raging Tides, Tellus City, Archosaur, Dreamweaver Port, and Thousand Streams) and are almost always located near the Elder NPC of each city. The 'Watcher of the Earth' for City of the Lost is located at 250, 647. When you talk to him, begin the quest 'Birth of a New Age'. Follow the sequence, and once you are done, you will receive your genie at random. If for whatever reason, you don't like the one you got, you can get another one for the price of 3 Mirage Celestones. Mirage Celestones can be created by combining Celestones of Earth, Heaven, and Human (3 of each), by combining 25 Celestone Fragments, or in later levels they can drop from bosses. To obtain a new genie, speak with the 'Watcher of the Earth' and choose 'Genie Summon'.

The Best Genie For a Venomancer?
There is absolutely no right or wrong answer as to what genie is best for a Venomancer or any class- your genie's stats do not affect your character's own stats. The genies you can receive are as follows:

  1. Infliction - Strength based genie
  2. Longevity - Dexterity based genie
  3. Zeal - Magic based genie
  4. Discipline - Vitality based genie

The best idea is to look at what skill set you want to get for your genie, and choose which one you want accordingly. Skills are affected by the following stats:

  1. Strength - Increases the damage done by the genie's attacks
  2. Dexterity - Increases the duration of the genie's skills
  3. Magic - Increases the genie's energy recovery rate
  4. Vitality - Increases the genie's energy- each skill requires a certain amount of energy to cast, the more energy your genie has, the more skills it can cast at a time

Recommended Genie Skills for Venomancers
These genie skills are the most recommended and have been found to have the most beneficial effects for a Venomancer:

  1. Second Wind - Instantly restores some HP.
  2. Tree of Protection - Increases max HP by 15% for 5 seconds.Restores 25% of your max HP every 3 seconds for 6 seconds.
  3. Extreme Poison - For 5.5 seconds increases the damage received by the target by 20%.
  4. Occult Ice - Has a 60% chance to freeze the target for 3.3 seconds.
  5. Ice Blast - Decreases the max HP of your target and all enemies around the target by 5.5% for 5 seconds.
  6. Thunderstorm - Attacks the target for 504.4 Metal damage. Double damage is done to targets on the ground, Triple Damage is done to very close targets.
  7. Holy Path - Increases the movement speed of you and allies within 10 meters of you for 3.3 seconds.
  8. Whirlwind - Hits all enemies in an 18-meter radius in front of you.Causes a small amount of damage and immobilizes them for 2 seconds, as well as reducing their movement speed by 23% for 10 seconds
  9. Fortify - Become immune to stun for 5 seconds. 95% chance to decrease magic defense
  10. Relentless Courage (sometimes known as Warsong) - Increases your attack speed by 12%, your movement speed by 30%, and your channeling speed by 6%. Lasts for 8 seconds
  11. Life Drain - Drains health from all targets within 15 meters. Causes 124.8 Water Damage and heals you for 5% of your max HP

Venomancer-Only Genie Skills
There are a certain few skills that only a venomancer or untamed are able to use on their genies. They are the following:

  1. Chaotic Spirit - Has a 53% chance to cause Soul Transfusion, which swaps your target's HP and MP values
  2. Seal - Creates a magic seal that has a 30% chance to silence the target for 3.2 seconds
  3. Hollow Fist - Causes 418.8 physical and Metal damage and reduces the target's physical defense for 20% for 9 seconds. Also causes the target to bleed for 100 damage over 9 seconds
  4. Air Strand - Immobilizes the target for 5 seconds. Has a 20% chance to Silence the target for 3 seconds. 95% chance to immobilize yourself for 4 seconds


See also: Venomancer Pets

The ability to command pets is what sets Venomancers apart from other magic users (or in some cases melee). Your pet can be your tank, your bait, your lending hand, or your trump card in a tight spot. The following pets are the most recommended, but never let anyone lead you to believe that you have to use these pets, as many pets have many different uses. When used properly, any pet can serve you well.

When Using a Pet For Tanking
The best pet for tanking and the most recommended is and probably always will be a Legendary Hercules pet. However they are very expensive and time consuming to obtain, so in the meantime, it is recommended to use the following:

  1. Glacial Walker (melee tank)
  2. Shadou Cub (Rare baby pet - see the Rare Pet Taming Guide)
  3. Eldergoth Marksman (ranged tank)
  4. Treefrog (this pet is debated in some circles as a good magic attack tank) (Rare baby pet)

When Using a pet For Luring
Any pet can be useful for luring, however a pet with good speed is essential- not only will it move things along quickly, but it will allow the pet to escape with minimal damage. The following pet is most recommended but any pet with decent speed can do nicely:

When Using a Pet for PvP
The most feared pet in the PvP arena is the Legendary Phoenix. Like its counterpart Hercules, it is very expensive and time consuming to obtain. In the meantime, the following pets are recommended:

  1. Petite Sawfly (flying pet)
  2. Varicose Scorpion

Rare Pets
Rare/baby pets are certain pets that only spawn in one or two particular places at a time. In order to capture one of these pets you must look in the following places:

  1. Cuddly Pup - 315, 753 and 299, 764
  2. Tabby Plumdrop - 362, 690 and 397, 619
  3. Treefrog - 240, 555 and 196, 513
  4. Shadou Cub - 200, 452 and 288, 458
  5. Windwalking Piggy - 403, 643 at elevation 36 (you will need to have obtained your flying mount to reach this one)
  6. Snow Hare (considered 'semi-rare' due to it's faster respawn rate than the other pets) - 500, 1007; 468, 924; and 95, 810
  7. Kowlin - 462, 427
  8. Armored Bear - 672, 633

Acquiring these pets has become something of an art form- you need to have decent channeling equips, potions, and a little bit of luck in order to outdo your competition and be the first one to tame one of these little guys. For more detailed information and tips, visit the Rare/Baby Pet Taming Guides.

More Pet Space
Alas, you want many pets, but only have so many spaces for them. Don't fret- there are a few different ways to give you more slots.

  • Pet Skill Trainer Quest
    • The first option open to you is a quest you can obtain from a 'Pet Skill Trainer' NPC. She will increase your pet bag slots by one if you can bring her the following items:
      • First Slot Increase- 20 Hay
      • Second Slot Increase- 50 Fruit
      • Third Slot Increase - 100 Fungus
  • Cage and Super Cage Extensions
    • In the boutique, exists the Cage and Super Cage extensions. The Cage will increase your pet bag by one for each Cage used. The Super Cage extension will extend you're your pet bag to the maximum of 10 slots.

Pet Skills

See also: General Pet Guide - Pet Skills

All pets come with a predetermined set of skills. Each skill has an effect that will aide your pet in battle. Pets can come with as few at one skill or as many as four. No pet can have no then four skills. Pet skills will randomly be used by the pet during battle or you can command the pet to use a certain skill by clicking on the skill in the pet's skill bar.

Skills can be removed from a pet by purchasing a Forget Scroll from the Zoologist in Archosaur-South District (586, 620). Talk to her and select "Pet Items" from the menu. Purchase a Forget Scroll and visit any Pet Skill Trainer in order to have your pet forget a skill. Pets also have the ability to learn skills. Visit the Zoologist one again, click on pet items from the drop down menu and you will notice there are numerous scrolls to chose from. Each scrolls is a skill your pet can learn. Make a selection and purchase the scroll. Visit the Pet Skill Trainer to have your pet learn a skill.

Aside from pet skills, Venomancers have the option to personally name their pet whatever they would like to. Visit the Zoologist and purchase a pet collar. Talk to her once again and select the "Rename Pet" option. Choose a name and you've successfully name your pet.

Legendary Pets

See also: Legendary Pets


  • The Legendary Hercules pet is hands down the best tank in the game and make Venomancers very sought after. It boasts some of the highest physical defense in the game with buffs that up its physical and magical defense even higher giving it tanking abilities to rival even a Barbarian or Blademaster. The Hercules is what can allow you to solo dungeons by yourself and tank any boss monsters with ease.
  • Skills
    • Strong - Increase pet's physical defense by 150% for 1 hour
    • Fortify - Increase pet's magical defense by 150% for 1 hour
    • Reflect - Reflect 70% of melee damage taken for 1 hour
    • Pounce - 80% chance to stun enemy for 3 seconds. Increase Attack Rate by 25% for 15 seconds if enemy is stunned.
  • For PvE, it can be beneficial to add Bash or Roar as the forth skill in place of Pounce. These are the skills that will allow you to take aggro when tanking a boss. Bash will grab aggro and cause damage, building aggro over time. Roar is usually the better aggro holder by resetting aggro at each application but will not inflict any damage, and particularly strong DDs will be able to steal aggro between each roar. The choice is up to the style of the player. When doing this, bear in mind that this will significantly reduce the pet's usefulness in PvP and that pounce is a legendary skill and is not available to be re-learned from a pet skill book at a later date.

Blazing Phoenix

  • The Legendary Phoenix pet is the most feared pet a Venomancer can have in their arsenal especially when it comes to PvP and Territory War. Born with a lower physical defense than a Hercules, the Phoenix boasts a greater attack power and speed allowing it to rip enemies to shreds in seconds.
  • Skills
    • Pounce - 80% chance to stun enemy for 3 seconds. Increase Attack Rate by 25% for 15 seconds if enemy is stunned.
    • Blessing of the Pack - Increase pet's HP by 30% for 1 hour
    • Claw - Increase pet's base physical damage by 30% for 1 hour
  • It is strongly recommended that you add the skill Flesh Ream as the forth skill. Flesh Ream will cause massive damage as well as cause the status of effect Bleed for 9 seconds to start off.

How to Obtain Them

  • In order to obtain them, you have to acquire 9999 Source of Force (Hercules) or 9999 Phoenix Feathers. You can buy battle pet packs from the boutique for 50 silver and try your luck. You will receive a random amount of either Source of Force or Feathers, and it is not guaranteed which item you will get. Each box contains 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 Source of Force or Phoenix Feathers. The other option you have is to buy them from other players in catshops or the Auction House. This option can either be cheaper or more costly, as long as you are paying attention to the prices people are selling them for.
  • If you are buying battle pet packs, and you end up getting some of the item you don't want, you can exchange 100 of that item at the Pet Manager in Archosaur. She will turn it into 100 of the item you do want (for example: If you want Phoenix Feathers but ended up with Source of Force, you can exchange 100 Source of Force for 100 Phoenix Feathers instead). Please note you can only do this in amounts of 100, no more and no less.

Learn to Fly

See also: Flying

Jealous of those pesky Winged Elves who are born with the ability to fly from level one? No problem. You're in luck because the Untamed and Humans both gain the ability to fly at level 30! However, if you have the ability to purchase one of the lower requisite level mounts, you can actually fly a lot sooner than level 30. If not, when you have leveled to 30, speak to Archosaur's Elder, and he will give you the quest that will allow you to receive the Wave Pacer, the friendly neighborhood starter skymanta with a speed of 0.5 m/s. Not quite fast enough for you? The Untamed have several options when flying:

    1. Spotted Skymanta [1.0 m/s, requisite level 30]
    2. Redback Skymanta [1.5 m/s, requisite level 30]
    3. Skymanta Shade [1.5 m/s, requisite level 50]
    4. Israfel [2.0 m/s, requisite level 30]
    5. Swiftshadow [2.5 m/s, requisite level 50]
    6. Crimson Flametalon [2.5 m/s, requisite level 50]
    7. Hellfire Drake [2.5 m/s, requisite level 20]
    8. Razor Sting [3.0 m/s, requisite level 10]

Mystical Tomes

See also: Mystical Tome

Tomes are special books that you can equip in order to give you some extra stats. What is most beneficial to a Venomancer is the fact that when a tome is equipped, a pet doesn't need to be fed. They are costly to make or buy, but they can save a fortune on pet food in the long run, especially if you own a Hercules or Phoenix who eat rare, expensive foods such as Meat and Hay. Mystical Tomes can be created at the Nature Forges in the City of Thousand Streams. You need the proper number of Mystical Tome Fragments and Mystical Tome Pages (available in the boutique, sometimes other players if you can find them) in order to create the tome you want. It isn't required that you have any certain tome equipped in order to not have to feed your pet, however you may want to use them to get extra attack, more defense, or make up for stats (if you're a light armor/heavy armor build).

If you don't wish to forge a Mystical Tome, you have a couple of other options available to you. You can obtain a Blessing of Christmas tome, which are slightly less costly- it gives you an extra 1% critical rate. You can't forge them, but you can buy them from another player or you can obtain one from your level 80 Supply Stash quest. The other option open to you is a special tome available in the boutique named Arcane Book: Pet. It makes it so that you do not have to feed your pet, but it only lasts for 7 days which makes an uneconomical and unrecommended choice.


See also: Venomancer Luring

One of the most important roles a Venomancer can play is the role of luring smaller monsters away from bosses, or luring a specific monster out from a group of monsters so that you don't have 10 monsters on you all at once. In order to lure, click on the monster you want to lure out. On your pet skill bar, select the 'Attack' button. Make sure you absolutely do not attack the monster yourself, as you can cause that monster and all others around it to come after you. Watch the monster's HP bar very closely and once your pet has landed a successful hit, immediately unsummon it. Once the monster is running towards you, resummon your pet as fast as you possibly can so that it can retake aggro and so that you do not suffer much (if any) damage in the process.