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Below are the background stories for Perfect World and its various expansions.

You can find out the dates for the expansions, along with links to their patch notes, expansion pages, and short lists of what was added in each the expansions on the Expansions page.


Perfect World

In the beginning of time, the first God of the universe, Pan Gu, lived an immortal life. But with no subjects to lord over, Pan Gu grew tired of his solitary existence and decided to decompose his body into five elements-fire, metal, wood, earth, and water. With his divine power, Pan Gu forged these elements into air, land, mountains, rivers, seas, and plant life and laid the foundation for a new world. It was then that Pan Gu made his first attempt to fill this new world with life. From his shadow he formed the first sentient beings. These unnamed creatures were uncivilized, and before long, they began turning on one another and corrupting the world around them. Pan Gu saw that what he had created had become an Imperfect World, and moved quickly to rectify his mistake. He built a floating city known as Heaven's Tear, and placed within the city the few creatures that had yet to be corrupted. Then, with the power of water and wind, Pan Gu created a massive flood, which swept through the land and destroyed all life in its path.

The world now cleansed, Pan Gu set about creating a new world, one filled with beings who were capable of Spiritual Cultivation. He created three races that possessed the traits he most treasured in himself. The Human race was born of Pan Gu's spirit, and demonstrated morality, honor, and an unlimited imagination. The race of the Untamed, born of Pan Gu's body, embodied freedom and peace, and possessed a unique connection with the natural order of the world. And the third race, the Winged Elves, were born of Pan Gu's own blood, and exemplified beauty, grace, and purity. Between the three races, the Perfect World was created.

The chief quality that Pan Gu gave all three races was free will. He vowed never again to eradicate an entire species, so all conflicts between the races were to be resolved amongst themselves. One such conflict arose between the Humans and Winged Elves when the two races discovered the city of Heaven's Tear. A war erupted as they fought for control of the great city, bringing out the worst in both races. The Untamed remained neutral, as they were content with living in harmony with the natural world. As the war intensified, and neither side relented, a new threat emerged.

The race that was thought to have been eradicated in the great flood returned in full force. These creatures were not quite living, but not quite dead, and thus came to be known as wraiths. The wraiths appeared to possess a singular objective: to destroy the other races and corrupt the beautiful world around them. Rumors swirled that the wraiths were capable of possessing other living things. Not much is known about the true nature of this evil, but one thing is clear. The three races Human, Untamed, and Winged Elf must set aside their differences and unite to preserve their way of life, halt the spread of corruption, and above all, protect the Perfect World.

Lost Empire

Upon uncovering a strange Wraith Plot, old memories are awakened and ancient mysteries become important. A magic relic, the Chrono Wheel, becomes necessary as it is the only way to travel back 1000 years in the past to investigate the roots of the Wraiths and uncover the truth about the beginning of the Millennium War. The player travels through time visiting various historic events in Perfect World.

The Millennium War is one of the main historical periods of Perfect World. Called the Millennium War because it lasted for a thousand years, this conflict between the Winged Elves and Humans only ended when the pressing threat of the Wraiths forced a truce. Understandably, there is still much animosity between the Elves and Humans. The initial cause of the strife and the even that brought tempers to a head leading to all out war, is known as the Massacre of Unicorn Forest. The story goes that the Winged Elves brutally murdered a group of humans, but as it is with history, stories vary.

But only by visiting other times of peril for Perfect World can the full truth be known. Another tale tells of the northern Savagians who invaded the western Human countries. Led by the dark lord Wanyi, they advanced rapidly to the Valley of the Scarred, where the City of the Lost is now located. The whole West Land fought the Savagians at the Valley of the Scarred. In the early days of the war, the allied force was almost wiped out. The West Land was in danger, until a defender came with help from an unlikely ally and saved Perfect World. Who was this powerful friend?

Answering this question ultimately leads to even more intriguing mysteries, namely the situation surrounding the fall of the Twilight Empire. The player must research the real story behind Chungyun and the Princess of Moonlight. As the saga unfolds, the player will fight through Nimbustian Guards and have a chance to meet this couple of legend, ultimately making a choice that will change the fate of the present.

Age of Spirits

There is a world in where the abundance of creatures we know can live, our Perfect World. However, there exists other worlds, such as the Underworld where ghosts live, where things are totally different from the Perfect World. Besides these two worlds, there is another mystical world in this universe, the Elemental World.

The five elements, metal, wood, water, fire and earth, are the basis for system of life in Perfect World. This system existed before the gods created human, and it dominates the birth, age, illness and death of all creatures. Some people, after hardworking cultivation, have been able to learn a few elemental skills. However, few know the true meaning of the five elements.

Perfect World, the Underworld and the Elemental World exist in a delicate balance together. In the Elemental World, the Five Elemental Airs, each with a distinct color, dominate everything. The Five Elemental Airs system of the Elemental World is deeply intertwined with the Five Elements system in Perfect World. Anytime a system in one world becomes unbalanced, the other world will feel the change.

Before the worlds were created, the universe was in chaos, there were no elements, no creatures, no feeling and no thought. As billions of years passed, things began to evolve. After the creation of Perfect World, creatures with intelligence appeared. They had a mighty power named belief, which helped them to be the ruler of the world. At the same time, the five elements, developed thoughts and wills of their own, and finally evolved into a mystic being.Genie.

Genies are the babies of the five elements. They know how to use elemental skills innately and have a basic instinct to keep the balance of the all worlds. Genies mainly live in Elemental World, seldom of them can be seen in Perfect World. However, things are changing..

In the endless war between the Eastern Emperor Ching and Yaksa Tribes, Ching killed a god who was worshiped by Yaksa Tribes. This incident greatly destroyed the root of water and wood, unbalancing the Five Element System. At the same time, gods have been disappearing, ghosts are peeping everywhere, the situation has become worse and worse, and it seems that Perfect World may be coming to its end... However, the Genies, with their innate instinct of maintaining the balance of the Five Elements System, have risen to save Perfect World.

Rising Tide

Beyond the Sea of Reality, an unexplored kingdom awaits. For thousands of years, the seas have been shrouded in mystery, until now.

A new evil has dawned, and as a result, the secrets once concealed by the ocean are now coming to light. The ancient lord of the oceans has risen once again, and the race known as the Tideborn faces complete extinction. Journey to these aquatic lands and explore them as a foreigner, or a surviving member of the Tideborn. Will you fight to restore your ancestors. once great empire? What part will you play as the tide rises?


An ancient Pan Gu prophecy has foretold the destruction of Perfect World. There will be a time where the beautiful world would cease to exist as we know it today.

The land of Perfect World will suffer destruction the likes of which none of the races have ever seen. The world will be torn apart, leaving massive crevasses across the land. The oceans will rage with turmoil and the tides will swallow everything in their path. All of the races of the world are in chaos as they do not understand what is happening with their beautiful world.

The time of the prophecy, has come.

Within the depths of the underground, an ancient race of people with arcane powers and innate psychic abilities has foreseen the coming of this post-apocalyptic world. In knowing the future, they have dedicated their lives to prepare for such a day. The day has now come for them to rise up from the underground and join the other races of Perfect World, and warn them of the coming disaster.

Players will be able to participate in helping to restore the world back to its Perfect state. What changes has the destruction brought upon our Perfect World? What new challenges await you? Prepare yourself, for Genesis!


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Long ago, evil specters roamed about the universe aimlessly. Perfect World's creator, Pan Gu, having mercy on them, created a world just for them - the distant realm of Morai. The sole gateway to Perfect World from Morai was placed in Elysium Village, and a protective enchantment ensured that creatures remained in their respective worlds. The sole gateway to Morai was placed in Elysium Village, and a protective enchantment ensured that creatures remained in their respective worlds. This single spell separating good from evil has stood for millennia.

Until now.

Elysium Village lies in ruins, the protective enchantment destroyed, its inhabitants' lifeless corpses scattered on its stone paths. Someone is organizing the evil specters of Morai, amassing a terrifying army in preparation for a full-scale assault on the cities of Perfect World. The leaders of the allied races have conferred, and a preliminary expedition mission into Morai has been planned. It now falls on the shoulders of Perfect World's mightiest heroes to enter the portal into hostile territory...

Sirens of War

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The rise of Jian’rin brought a wave of uncertainty to the people of Perfect World, as well as opportunities for those willing to sacrifice others to satisfy their own ends. Now that the forces of the Dark Lord, Jian'Rin, have spilled into Perfect World, the world has been set ablaze. Lines have been drawn and forces have mobilized to determine supremacy in this new age.

Four leaders from distant nations have come to Perfect World, sowing dissent and fomenting war. Amidst the chaos, they have emerged with the intent of wresting control for dominance. The nations of Frost, Flame, Light, and Darkness are stuck in deadlock and will require the aid of warriors such as yourself to push forward with their plans.

The citizens and soldiers of Perfect World, still reeling from the attacks by Jian’rin, were left vulnerable to a new threat: a series of endless wars brought by the four leaders, long forgotten. Enticed with the promise of power, riches, and glory beyond reckoning, the people of Perfect World flocked to fight as mercenaries in the proxy wars held by these foreign leaders.

For what purpose have these leaders come to Perfect World? To what end do they fight? Many believe that they have come seeking new claims of power in Perfect World, while others have faith that they represent the only hope to stand against Jian’rin’s endless horde of wraiths. Are these battles a whetstone against which the warriors of Perfect World will sharpen their skills and strengths, or are the people of Perfect World being blunted against an implacable enemy, mere pawns in some greater scheme?

Do you have what it takes to survive? Heed the call! Fight and die for honor and glory in the Nation Wars!