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As you explore Perfect World you'll inevitably find many treasures and trinkets that you will want to hold on to either for future use or just enjoyment. There are a variety of storage features available in PWI and here you will find out everything you will need to know about your inventory spaces, your bank, pet bag and your shop.

Media:Example.ogg==Inventory== Your inventory (a.k.a. your Bag) is where all the items that you pick up immediately go. When you start the game your inventory will have enough room for 32 items. While this is enough during the lower levels you will find that as you get higher level and obtain items such as potions, guardian angels, etc. that you need to carry with you your small inventory will slowly get eaten away and you will have limited room to collect new items. The good news is that there is a way to extend your inventory by up to 64 spaces, the not-so-good news (well, depending on your playing style) is that the item required to extend your inventory is an item available only in the Boutique (A.K.A. cash shop). So you will either have to save up your coins and find another player who is willing to sell you the item, buy gold off the auction house, or buy gold with real money.

If you look in the Boutique there are actually two items that can be found that increase your inventory size. Both can be found under Utility > Storage tabs. The first is the Inventory Extension Stone, this item costs 3 Gold to buy and will extend your inventory by 8 spots. The second is the Super Inventory Stone, this item costs 9 Gold and will extend your inventory by 32 spots to a maximum of 64.

File:InventoryStone.gif Inventory Extension Stone
File:InventoryStone.gif Super Inventory Stone

To use your Inventory Extension Stone visit any Banker NPC (which can be found in almost every city and town) talk to him and under the Quest Related option you will see a quest called Inv. Extension Stone. Pick this quest up and return to any Banker NPC with the stone in your inventory and hand in the quest. This will extend your inventory by 8 spots.

To use your Super Inventory Stone visit any Inventory Master NPC (see coordinates below) talk to her and pick up a quest called The Largest Inventory. When you have your Super Inventory stone in your inventory talk to any Inventory Master again to hand in your quest and instantly gain up to 64 inventory slots.

Inventory Master NPC

The Inventory Master NPC can be found in the following locations:

City Coordinates
Etherblade (431, 875)
City of the Lost (260, 637)
City of Plume (338, 414)
Archosaur (North District) (541, 685)
Archosaur (West District) (528 651)
Dreamweaver Port (664, 370)
Thousand Streams (118, 861)

Note: You'll notice that some items can stack together, if you have multiples of the same item try dragging them on top of each other to compact them into a stack and save some space. There is a limit to the amount that certain items will stack, some herbs can stack only up to 500 while others can stack up to 1000 and items like dragon orbs and dumplings can stack up to 9999.

Tip: If you have a stack of items and you want to split that stack up, for example you want to trade one of the items, if you hold the "ALT" key while you drag and drop the item to a new slot you will be asked how many items you want to put in your new stack and after you confirm you will result in 2 stacks one of the specified size and the other with the remainder.



Your safe is additional space where you can keep your items. Items stored here can only be accessed via the Banker NPCs that are scattered at almost every possible town and city. Items can be moved in and out of the bank to your inventory at free will. Your initial Safe comes with 16 spots but can be extended with in-game items up to 32 spots and further up to 80 spots with items from the Boutique. To extend your bank by 2 rows with in-game items you will need to collect various items that are used for Dragon Quest, after this you can either use a Safe Extension Stone or a Super Safe Stone (which can be found in the Utility > Storage tabs of the Boutique) to extend your safe further.

File:SafeStone.gif Safe Extension Stone
File:SafeStone.gif Super Safe Stone

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Banker NPC

Your first safe extension can be done by going to any Banker NPC and under Quest Related picking up the quest Worries of the Banker. This quest will increase your Safe capacity by an additional 8 spots. For this quest the banker will ask you to collect 5 of each of the 6 different Dragon Quest: Chiu Niu (A.K.A. DQ20) materials. The materials are fairly easy to farm and there are many different mobs from which they can drop. Below is a listing of the materials and some of the mobs from which you can farm them from. You will come across many different mobs which drop these items so the list is not limited to the few examples that are below.

Material Mob General Coordinates
File:Antenna.gif Antenna
  • Ecstatic Kuhu
  • Crestfallen Kuhu
  • Wailing Kuhu
  • (533, 1003)
  • (377, 552)
  • (223, 351)
File:DisguiseSkin.gif Disguise Skin
  • Demonic Sporopod
  • Venomous Ghoul
  • Greater Venomous Ghoul
  • (527, 996)
  • (509, 659)
  • (468, 680)
File:ElementDust.gif Element Dust
  • Superior Cactopod
  • Acrimonic Cactopod
  • Pure Undine
  • (512, 968)
  • (340, 516)
  • (223, 351)
MysticalMeat.jpg Mystical Meat
  • Duskwraith Nark
  • Bloodthirsty Adalwolf
  • Werewolf Spearman
  • (218, 383)
  • (375, 597)
  • (446, 690)
File:RhinoHorn.gif Rhino Horn
  • Mutant Whirler Turtle
  • Riverside Chisler
  • Boondock Chisler
  • (423, 792)
  • (232, 386)
  • (380, 584)
File:SoftFur.gif Soft Fur
  • Chromatic Vipent
  • Arboreal Vassal
  • Krimson Boa
  • (380, 584)
  • (223, 351)
  • (507, 982)

Your second safe extension is basically the same as your first, you go to a Banker NPC and pick up the Worries of the Banker quest again. This quest will increase your Safe by another 8 spots. For this quest the banker will ask you to collect 10 of each of the 6 different Dragon Quest: Yatzu (a.k.a DQ31) materials. As with the DQ31 materials the list below is just a sample of some of the mobs that drop the items.

Material Mob General Coordinates
File:CompleteSack.gif Complete Sack
  • Decaying Ghoul
  • Ossein Merchant
  • Skeleranc Artisan
  • (448, 546)
  • (567, 783)
  • (560, 774)
File:DewOfHerbs.gif Dew of Herbs
  • Antelope Pup
  • Jaden Vipion
  • Cloud Dancer Pterosaur
  • (437, 517)
  • (250, 459)
  • (579, 552)
File:DullClaw.gif Dull Claw
  • Pinaer Foxwing
  • Snakevalley Bloodwolf
  • Shanlang Cutlass
  • (579, 552)
  • (588, 779)
  • (468, 745)
File:ElementFragment.gif Element Fragment
  • Torgirn Warrior
  • Devilroot Dryad
  • Torgirn Sentry
  • (437, 517)
  • (534, 569)
  • (527 528)
File:HoneyJuice.gif Honey Juice
  • Longlegged Toxicon
  • Insect Mistress
  • Tiger Striped Araneid
  • (448, 511)
  • (535, 553)
  • (570, 567)
File:MysticalClaw.gif Mystical Claw
  • Dustwraith Marksman
  • Adalwolf Sharpshooter
  • Lupine Gladiator
  • (478, 522)
  • (521, 568)
  • (547, 523)

After you have completed the 2 materials quests all of the next Worries of the Banker quest will require you to get a Safe Extension Stone. If you want to extend past this you will need to accept that quest and then return to a Banker NPC with the stone in your inventory to extend your safe by 8 additional spots.

Warning: Once you use a Boutique stone you will not be able to extend your Safe with in-game items. You will only be able to use more stones.

Alternatively you can pick up the quest called The Largest Safe from the Inventory Master (see inventory section for coordinates) and return to her with a Super Safe Stone in your inventory and she will extend your safe up to the maximum of 80 spots immediately.

Pet Bag

Your pet bag is the place where you will hatch and keep all of your pets and mounts. Whether you are a venomancer or not, you will probably need to extend your pet bag to accommodate new mounts and pets. Everyone starts out with one slot in their pet bag, for most people this will be enough because all you really need room for is a mount. For venomancers and people planning to get all-class pets or multiple mounts, one slot will not be nearly enough. Venomancers will get an additional pet slot available to them after they complete their pet quests and get their first pet. As with the Safe there are ways to extend your pet bag with both in-game materials and items purchased from the Boutique.

File:Cage.gif Cage
File:Cage.gif Super Cage

You can potentially extend your pet bag up to 6 spots for venos and 5 spots for all other classes by using in-game items. The first 2 quests are fairly manageable but the rest require far too many of a rare item so most people will usually buy cages after this point. The quest used to extend your safe can be picked up at any Pet Manager NPC (locations listed below) and each time you will be asked if you want to gather the material or provide a cage. Choose accordingly to what you want to do. The materials that will be required for each round of the quest are listed below.

Warning: As with the Safe extension quests, once you use a Boutique cage you will not be able to extend your bag with in-game items. You will only be able to use more cages

Pet Manager NPC

The Pet Manager can be found at the following locations:

City Coordinates
Etherblade (428, 894)
City of the Lost (244, 645)
City of Plume (330, 425)
Archosaur (North District) (529, 672)
Dreamweaver Port (673, 377)
Thousand Streams (118, 861)

Below you will find a list of the items that you will be asked for in consecutive order, how many of that item will be required and which mobs have the best drop rates.

Note: Hay and Fruit are fairly reasonable to farm, however Fungus and Ginseng are really rare drops and at the quantities required you will be better off just buying a cage. The mobs that are listed are listed in order of best drop rate and only the top 4 are listed.

Item Quantity Mobs Coordinates
File:Hay.gif Hay

(a.k.a Fodder)

  • Abyssal Mystery
  • Antelope Pup
  • Rhinodrake Megalith
  • Longhorned Carapest
  • (560, 563)
  • (453, 493)
  • (467, 662)
  • (316, 491)
File:Fruit.gif Fruit 50
  • Echomaid
  • Death Dancer
  • Soulchaser Antelope
  • Vipion Revolutionary
  • (705, 830 )
  • (695, 1007)
  • (499, 393)
  • (701, 997)
File:Fungus.gif Fungus 100
  • Clam Scount
  • Cloudrider Falcon
  • Dragonmaid
  • Solar Falcon
  • (647, 638)
  • (645, 426)
  • (677, 650)
  • (686, 516)
File:WildGinseng.gif Wild Ginseng 150
  • Asgard Dragonmaid
  • Ultrafin Supreme
  • Mussel Maiden
  • Bloodbird
  • (627, 308)
  • (276, 868)
  • (632, 321)
  • (269, 720)

If instead of using materials you want to use a cage, simply talk to the Pet Manger and select the option for the Pet Bag quest where you will provide her with a cage. Then once you have the cage in your inventory talk to her again and she will extend your pet bag by one spot.

As with Inventory and Safe you can extend your Pet Bag to its maximum capacity by using a Super Cage. Talk to the Inventory Master (see Inventory section for locations) and pick up the quest called The Largest Pet Bag then return to her with a Super Cage in your inventory and she will instantly extend your pet bag to a maximum capacity of 10 spots.


Your cupboard serves as an additional storage location for any material used in crafting. Your cupboard can be accessed at any Banker NPC and if it is active can be seen by clicking the Cupboard switch button in the farthest top right corner of your Safe window.

Button to switch into Cupboard

Your cupboard can hold up to 80 spots just like your bank, but it has a limit on the types of items that can be stored. Only items used to craft or combine into other items can be stored there, so things like celestones, herbs, instance materials, collectible crafting materials, etc. A good rule of thumb about what you can store in there is basically if you can combine the item to make something else out of it then it can be stored in your Cupboard.

To gain Cupboard space you will need to use a Cupboard stone which can only be purchased in the Boutique.

File:CupboardStone.gif Cupboard Stone

To increase your Cupboard slots you will need to talk to the PW Boutique Agent. The NPC will provide you with the next available expansion quest for your Cupboard. The quest will be names Cupboard Slot X-Y, where X is the first new Cupboard spot that will be available and Y is the last new slot that will be available after completing the expansion. Once you have this quest picked up get a Cupboard stone and return to the PW Boutique Agent to claim your new Cupboard spots. Once a Cupboard quest is completed a new Cupboard quest to expand to the next 8 slots will become available. Each Cupboard stone can only give you 8 spots so purchase accordingly.

PW Boutique Agent NPC

The PW Boutique Agent can be found at the following locations:

City Coordinates
Etherblade (431, 876)
City of the Lost (259, 637)
City of Plume (337, 414)
Archosaur (West District) (528, 651)
Archosaur (North District) (556, 636)
Dreamweaver Port (664, 371)
Thousand Streams (119, 861)


The Wardrobe provides users with additional inventory space which is used to storing clothing. An added benefit of having a Wardrobe space is the instant change feature as well as the timed outfit change feature. First, in order to get any spaces in your Wardrobe you will need to get a Wardrobe stone, this can be purchased from the Boutique.

File:WardrobeStone.gif Wardrobe Stone

To activate your Wardrobe you will need to use at least one Wardrobe stone and then more subsequent stones if you want to get more Wardrobe spaces. To activate/extend your Wardrobe you will need to see the PW Boutique Agent (see Cupboard section for locations) and pick up the quest called Wardrobe Slot X-Y (where X is the first new slot and Y is the last new slot that will be available after completing the quest. Once you have the quest and you have a Wardrobe stone in your inventory speak to the PW Boutique Agent again to complete it. Once you complete one wardrobe quest the next wardrobe extension quest will become available. Each Wardrobe stone will give you 16 new spots in your Wardrobe and you can extend your Wardrobe up to a max of 80 spots.

To access your Wardrobe you can click the red bag icon in your Bag/Inventory.

Fashion Item Button

One of the most interesting features about the Wardrobe is that it also activates your Fashion Change Menu. This menu allows you to create outfit combos that can then be assigned to hotkeys for a quick outfit change and also allows you to set a timer that will cycle through up to 4 predefined outfits. To access your Fashion Change Menu, open your Wardrobe and click the little icon with an arrow and a t-shirt on it (located in the top right corner of the Wardrobe)

Wardrobe and Fashion Change Button

In the Fashion Change window you can drag and drop clothing items from your Wardrobe (note: only items in your wardrobe can be used, items in your inventory or ones that are currently equipped cannot be dragged here) to any of the spots available in each of the 4 outfit presets. This will link the specified fashions to a fashion change action icon and then you can drag your action icon into your actual hot key space to be able to instantly switch your outfit.

Note: The Fashion Change actions that you assign have a 1 minute cooldown.

Fashion Change Panel, Outfit Presets and Quick Shot Assignment

Once you have your outfits arranged you can also activate a timer feature that will automatically switch your clothes to the specified outfits in sequence. At the top of the Fashion Change window you can specify how often you want the changer to switch your outfit. The time can be specified in minutes and hours and basically the changer will change your character's outfit once per specified time period. To activate the changer you simply press the Start button and it will continue changing fashions until you deactivate it using the Stop button.

Note: The minimum cycle time for the Fashion Changer is 1 minute because the fashion change action has a 1 minute cooldown.

Consignment Shop

See also: Consignment Shop

Your consignment shop is one way of selling your items to other players. This is an action that found in the Actions menu in the Trade section (press E or Alt E).

File:ShopIcon.gif Consignment Shop Action

Once activated it will bring up the Your Shop menu where you can specify items that your are going to Buy and Sell. Drag items to the left side of your shop menu (the Selling side) to set items that you want to sell. Once you drop an item to the selling side it will bring up the Drop Item menu where you specify how much of the item you want to sell and at what price each unit should be sold for. The same procedure is followed for the Buying side except you specify the amount of an item you want to buy and the price per unit that you want to pay. Note that to buy items in your shop you need to have the item in your inventory to drop it in the Buying slots so this doesn't work for items that you do not have on you. You can only have 12 different items on your buy side and 12 different ones on your sell side.

Your Shop Setup and the Drop Item Box

Once you have arranged all the items you want to buy and sell you will need to give your shop a name. The name limit is 13 characters long and once that has been set up click the Done button to start your store. Once your store is set up your character will be changed into a Cat (pink if you are a female and orange if you are a male) and players will be able to browse your shop.

What Your Shop Will Look Like

In your shop players will also be able to leave you messages. So if you leave your computer with your cat shop still up you will still be able to see any offers or comments players may have left you in the Message box at the bottom of your shop.

If you want to draw a bit more attention to your shop you can get a Shop License from the Boutique.

File:ShopLicense.gif Shop License

This item is an equippable item that you wear in your Mysterious Gear slot (beside your Head Gear and Chat Skin Smiley slot) and it will change you into a cute Cow shop instead of the regular Cat (cows will be red or pink depending on the gender of the character). The license also gives you one extra slot in your buy and sell sections and your shop name limit increases to 15 characters.

Shops With a Shop License Equipped