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If you like animals the Venomancer class suits you very well. Not only can we tame creatures not infected by the wraiths, but also cute, animal-like monsters. However, taming them is not that easy...


Step 1: Choose Your Victim

Remember, you can only tame monsters your level or lower.

Rare Pets
Picture Name Level Coordinates Skills
Frogling.jpg Frogling Lvl 9 (239 549) and

(196 513)

Toxic Mist lvl1

Shriek lvl1
Boost lvl1

Tabby Plumdrop.jpg Tabby Plumdrop Lvl 20 (362 690) and

(397 619)

Bite lvl1

Howl lvl1
Pierce lvl1
Slow lvl1

Shaodu Cub.jpg Shaodu Cub Lvl 20 (199 453) and

(287 459)

Bite lvl1

Pierce lvl1
Pounce lvl1
Tough lvl1

Windwalking Piggy.jpg Windwalking Piggy

(Flying pet)

Lvl 30 (402 644) ↑34 Bash lvl1

Howl lvl1
Tough lvl1
Boost lvl1

Cuddly Pup.jpg Cuddly Pup Lvl 40 (299 764) Bash lvl1

Bite lvl2
Threaten lvl1
Slow lvl2

Kowlin.jpg Kowlin Lvl 60 (463 428) Bash lvl1

Bite lvl4
Pierce lvl2
Howl lvl1

Armored Bear.jpg Armored Bear Lvl 80 (628 624) Bash lvl1

Threaten lvl2
Pounce lvl2
Tough lvl5

And then we also have a "Semi-Rare" pet:

Snowhare.jpg Snow Hare Lvl 20 (501 1006),

(469 921),
and (95 808)

Sandblow lvl1

Pierce lvl1
Shriek lvl1
Boost lvl1

As you've noticed the Snow Hare has three spawns. (95 808) is like a normal rare spawn (1 time per 12 hours) but at (501 1006) and (469 921) the hare spawns every hour. That is why it is called a semi-rare pet, Since the other rares spawn every 12 hours! Taming the Semi-rare pet is a bit different from the real rares. Click here if you are going to go Hare Hunting!

Don't know which pet to choose? See Selecting a Rare Pet.

Source: Ecatomb

Step 2: Do Research

Since the rares spawn only one time each 12 hours, do some research. Unless you feel like camping for a long time.

Venos love maintenance, because that means all spawn times will be reset. 5 hours after the servers go back up, because of weekly maintenance, the rares will spawn.

Now if you're lucky enough to be behind the computer when the servers go back up write down the time. For instance: If the servers are up at XX:25, it is suggested to go camp the spawn at XX+4:45. This is because the rares do not spawn 5 hours directly after maintenance has ended.

For example: Today Wednesday August 12th the servers were back up at 1:06 AM PST, but the Shaodu Cub Spawned at 06:39. So the cub spawned 25 minutes earlier then our calculation. Not all the pets spawn at the same time, but the Shaodu Cub always seems to spawn first. The rest of the rares spawn 2-4 minutes after the Shaodu Cub.

If you're not that lucky go to PWI Forum's General Discussion. There usually is a post from one of the GMs about maintenance. A lot of people will be posting here during maintenance, so try to find a post that says the servers are back up. Look at the time of that post and do the same calculation as explained earlier.

Step 3: Preparation

Now you know the when & where of the rare of your choice. But there are still obstacles...

Upgrade your tame skill if you can. Each level increases the success rate with 5%. So a veno (level 97) with a maxed tame has a 50% chance to successfully tame a mob with full HP.

Equip your -% Channeling gear, or get some if you don't have any. Remember -% Channeling gear is expensive, and be sure you are able to equip it if you buy it.

Get some Apothecary potions:

Increased Channeling Potions
Crimson Blood Powder 15 Elecampane & 10 Ageratum Increases attack rate and channeling speed by 15% for the next 15 seconds Requisite level 30
Windrage Incense 20 Fleece-Flower root & 15 Elecampane Doubles channeling speed for the next 5 seconds. Requisite level 45
Crimson Soul Powder 25 Devilwood & 20 Tiger-ear-herb Increases attack rate and channeling speed by 25% for the next 15 seconds Requisite level 75

Teach your genie the "Relentless Courage" skill. In the genie skill list it is called Warsong instead of Relentless Courage

Relentless Courage
Genie level 23

Spirit 1,400
Wood 2 - Fire 1 - Earth 2

Energy: 65

Stamina: 180
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Requisite Class: All

Dexterity: Every 20 Genie Dexterity points increases all effects by 1%.
Relentless Courage Effects
Skill level Effect
1 Increases you attack speed by 12%, your movement speed by 30%,

and your channeling speed by 6%. Lasts for 8 seconds.

2 Increases you attack speed by 14%, your movement speed by 30%,

and your channeling speed by 7%. Lasts for 8 seconds.

3 Increases you attack speed by 16%, your movement speed by 30%,

and your channeling speed by 8%. Lasts for 8 seconds.

4 Increases you attack speed by 18%, your movement speed by 30%,

and your channeling speed by 9%. Lasts for 8 seconds.

5 Increases you attack speed by 20%, your movement speed by 30%,

and your channeling speed by 10%. Lasts for 8 seconds.

6 Increases you attack speed by 22%, your movement speed by 30%,

and your channeling speed by 11%. Lasts for 8 seconds.

7 Increases you attack speed by 24%, your movement speed by 30%,

and your channeling speed by 12%. Lasts for 8 seconds.

8 Increases you attack speed by 26%, your movement speed by 30%,

and your channeling speed by 13%. Lasts for 8 seconds.

9 Increases you attack speed by 28%, your movement speed by 30%,

and your channeling speed by 14%. Lasts for 8 seconds.

10 Increases you attack speed by 30%, your movement speed by 30%,

and your channeling speed by 15%. Lasts for 8 seconds.

As you can see this skill increases both Channeling and movement speed, which you will need when you try to tame rares. Also, put all your genies attribute points on Dexterity, because every 20 Dexterity points adds 1% effect. So, with a level 6 skill and 80 Dexterity points, you still have -15% Channeling. I suggest a Discipline because of its standard skill (makes you fly faster, useful to get on time at the rare spawn) or a Longevity cause of its standard 15 dexterity points. Wind Force (Discipline's standard skill) is also a Dexterity skill. Tree of Protection is another Dex-skill which is very useful for venos. It increases and restores max HP.

Get a pet around 15 levels higher than the pet you are trying to tame to deal the damage. Remember, when there are a lot of venos you might consider stowing your pet because of the danger that the rare could be killed. Also, know how to pull back your pet. If you change your pet to manual while it is attacking the rare, it will stop attacking and pull back. BUT!!!!! This isn't instant. After you pressed 'Manual' your pet will keep attacking for 1 or 2 more seconds, so don't wait until the rare is almost dead, because you could kill it.

Be sure to have your Tame, Windrage Incense, and Relentless Courage on your shortcut bar for quick access.

Step 4: The Real Work

So, pretend it is XX+4:45. You should already be at the spawn. More venos are showing up, which means it's almost time.

Summon your pet and put it on hold near the place where the rare is going to spawn. Stand back a bit so you can see the whole spawn.

Turn summer sprint on. You might have to run to the rare.

Have a look at your competition. See if they have -% Channeling gear? If they don't but you do, Relentless Courage or Windrage Incense might not be necessary.

Don't go AFK now, or check your email. Just stare at the screen until it has spawned.

When the rare spawns, click it and press Relentless Courage, Windrage Incense, and Tame. In that order.

Watch the rare's HP and pull back your pet if it is going down too fast.

If your tame is going to finish channeling before the rare's HP went down (enough) press escape to cancel channeling. Then immediately try again.

If the rare is running away and you can't get close enough use Alt+1 to let your pet attack. The rare will stop running and you can tame. Don't throw a scarab at it, because it could die.

Step 5: Next Time

Write down the time the pet got tamed or killed, and in around 12 hours it will spawn again. You now know the pet's strength, speed and your competition. Don't give up after one try. Taming rares is hard, and you probably won't get it on your first try. Successfully taming rares is based on fast reaction. You could try to play some games on the Internet to train your reaction, but it's not necessary.

I did my best to tell you the theory, now it's up to you if you will use it, or find your own way of Rare Taming. Either way I wish you good luck and fun... Of course. Always keep in mind that it is just a game. If you didn't get the tame, be polite and congratulate the veno who did get it. Even if it's a hardcore veno with full -% Channeling gear. They could be useful on your friends list *wink wink*.