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Not only do quests give you great amounts of EXP, but many quests also give you reputation. As you earn more reputation, higher quality rewards become available.

Quests also give you valuable and free equipment. Earning your equipment through questing can save you copious amounts of time and money.

Level 1-19 Quests

Human Quests:

Winged Elf Quests:

Untamed Quests:

Tideborn Quests:

Earthguard Quests:

Class Quests

Level 20 - 30

Level 31 - 40

Level 41 - 50

Level 51 - 60

Level 61 - 70

Level 71 - 80

Level 81 - 90

Level 91 - 100

Level 101 - 105

Special Quests

Call to Duty

Dragon Quests

Circulation Quests

Token of the Seven

World Quest

Justice Order

Bounty Order Quest

Wanted Quests


Quest Scrolls

Authentic Works

Chrono Guide

Wraiths' Ploy

Hiding Dragon Seal

Tidal Protection Charm Quest

Weapon Token

Cultivation Quests


Cultivation Quests are required for any player to complete if they do want to learn new skills. Each skill requires that you have a certain 'cultivation'. Higher cultivation levels also reduce the EXP penalty from dying.

Level Requirements:

All cultivation quests start at level 9 and end in 10 levels. They then restart at the next level set (9, 19, 29, 39 etc.). There are a total of 9 sets of cultivation quests which you must take in order to obtain every skill for your class. This section lists 7 because the level 9, and 19 Cultivation Quests are found under the Race Tab, these are the 7 cultivation levels in which 'all' characters do the same quests.

Aware of Harmony

Aware of Discord

Aware of Coalescence


Enlightened One

Aware of Vacuity

Celestial Sage/Demon