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The Public Quests were released with the Rising Tide expansion on December 16, 2009 (patch notes).

Public Quest (PQ) includes the level 60-80 (Chapter 1), 95+ (Chapter 2), and 100+ (Chapter 3) quests that are available on Shattered Cloud Island from 9 AM to 11 PM server time. The quest is repeated during those times, with a two minute "cooldown" before the event is restarted.

There is no PQ for levels 1-59 or 81-94.

Chapter 1

The level 60-80 Public Quest is found in Rotflesh Trench on Shattered Cloud Island.

For more information see:
Public Quest "Rotflesh Trench" Level 60-80 Explained.

Chapter 2

The level 95+ Public Quest is found in Woodland Elegy on Shattered Cloud Island.

Chapter 3

The level 100+ Public Quest is found in Shadowtide Camp on Shattered Cloud Island.