Psychic Common Stat Builds

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Here are the most common and best basic builds for psychics. While other builds are possible, they are usually either poor builds for most situations (though they may work well in a few specific areas) or are very expensive to do right (like the heavy armor build).


Pure Magic Build

1 Str & 9 Mag per 2 levels

Only put in as much strength as needed for the psychic weapon and arcane armor of your level (check the Tailor and Blacksmith to find out what you need, or just do 1 Str & 9 Mag per 2 levels), and put the rest of the stat points into magic. If you have +Str bonuses on your gear you might consider adding magic instead of strength sometimes, just be careful when you upgrade that gear and lose the item's strength bonus.

This build allows for the maximum damage possible with a high magic defense, though you are easily killed due to low HP, especially against physical damage, almost making you a "glass cannon". The main difference between this and a glass wizard is the White Voodoo skill, which drastically decreases damage for 15 minutes and can be swapped with Black Voodoo when you want to do high damage again. The White Voodoo skill combined with this build allows you to be one of the best tankers against magical damage dealing creatures in the game, including many bosses.

One other downside to this build is that it is much easier to steal aggro from your squad's tank, which can be quite dangerous with such low HP. Learning aggro control is a must for this build.

Vit Build

1 Str, 1-2 Vit, & 8-7 Mag per 2 levels

Only put in as much strength as is needed for the weapon and armor for your level (same as above), add 0.5 to 1 vitality per level (your choice), and then put the rest of the stat points into magic (generally 1 Str, 1-2 Vit, & 8-7 Mag per 2 levels). This makes you less easily killed at the cost of doing slightly less damage. (This build is recommended over the pure magic build on PvP servers.)

Many people start out using the vit build for the early levels, and then switch to leveling using the pure magic build once they've reached a comfortable amount of vitality.

Light Armor Build

1 Str, 1 Dex, & 3 Mag per level

Put in enough strength and dexterity for the light armor of your level and put the rest into magic (generally 1 Str, 1 Dex, & 3 Mag per level). This allows you to wear both arcane and light armor, giving you the option of greater physical protection from the light armor or greater magical protection from the arcane armor. However, this is a fairly restrictive build in how you spend your stat points, because spending less on strength or dexterity means you usually can't wear the current level light armor, and spending less on magic means you usually can't use the current level arcane armor or psychic weapon. This means that there are rarely spare points to spend on vitality, and even when there are you're better off getting more magic.

Besides better flexibility on damage resistance, this build also gives you a higher crit rate and better evasion due to the added Dex, but it is at the cost of having a bit less magic than the other two builds, which means doing slightly less damage on average, having lower magic defense, less MP, and lower MP recovery.