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This dungeon is chock-full of wraiths that are just itching to be wiped out by you and your squad members. Fun and great EXP are there for the taking as you cleave your way through wraith after wraith!

Levels 30-84 were introduced on May 3, 2011 (see here) and levels 85-105 were later added on June 7, 2011 (see here).


Basic Info

Phoenix Valley is broken up into seven different level ranges:

  1. 30 - 44
  2. 45 - 59
  3. 60 - 74
  4. 75 - 84
  5. 85 - 94
  6. 95 - 100
  7. 100 - 105

To enter Phoenix Valley, all you have to do is talk to Khoan the Survivor at any one of the major cities. Make sure you have either an Elite Golden Silkworm or Hyper EXP Stone before you enter the instance.

Note: You can pick up the "token" once per day, which resets at midnight server time.

Squad Setup

First off, do not take the quest until your squad is set up and ready to go in. This is a timed instance, so if anyone in the squad takes the Phoenix Valley token (the item is timed at 15 minutes) from the NPC before all players are ready chances are someone in the squad will be kicked out before the run is over with. If squad members get killed and leave the dungeon after the token has disappeared they will not be able to get back into the dungeon even if they are still in the squad.

As of now anyone with decent gear and good knowledge of their class can solo or duo Phoenix Valley. But in later levels or just for fun, a good squad should consist of:
1 Tank
1 Healer

A back-up healer or an extra AOE DD might be a good idea if a player is poorly geared or has no knowledge of PV.

Squad Rolls

Simple you keep the mobs on you and off your squad. A Seeker or Blademaster may be used in place of a Barbarian if one is not found.
It should be noted that when the tank is pulling he will have to stop at certain places for the squad to kill the mobs, the whole instance cannot be done all in one pull. A good tank will be able to do low level PVs in maybe 3-4 pulls, however if you are a tank new to PV or just don't have the gear to stand multiple hits, you may want to limit your pulls. Oh and for the love of all things related to gaming please read up on Aggro!

Watch one of the many videos on YouTube (make sure you search for the right level range) to get an idea of were you should stop with the mobs in a run. If you are using a search engine to look for videos make sure to add "squad" or "party" to your search, or lot of solo videos tend to pop up otherwise.

Your healing is essential in order for the squad to live!
Cleric: Start out with about 3 stacks of Ironheart Blessing on the tank before he dives into the mobs. When he stops, up goes Chromatic Healing Beam (lower level PVs) or Regeneration Aura aka BB (Level 59 skill).
Note: I personally recommend you tell your squad you need chi every time a wave of mobs is killed. Most tanks that have not played a cleric before don't know (or just flat-out forget) that BB takes 2 sparks and without the halved damage and healing factor it carries, squad wipes are imminent.

Mystic: This class will most likely play back-up healer and won't be much help as a solo healer until level 39 when they earn their AOE heals, but alas, clerics can be hard to find sometimes. Dig out Salvation to stick its buffs on the tank before he enters the fray. When he stops, dish out all the AOE healing you've got. If you're confident in your skills you may switch between your Salvation for protection and Storm Mistress for AOE damage. Otherwise just stick with Salvation.

Damage Dealers
All classes make good contributions to AOE damage in Phoenix Valley. But most will not learn good AOE skills until after their Level 59 Cultivation.

Main AOE DDs: Blademaster, Wizard, Archer, Psychic, Seeker

The big guns of all out AOE damage. Most will need chi to execute their AOE skills.

Secondary AOE DDs/Support: Venomancer, Assassin, Mystic

These classes may not make as much damage as fast in the AOE category, but they are great to bring along for both AOE and support. The buffs and support skills these classes can provide are a good boon in any squad.

Only a few minor details to note here that need some reminding:

Psychics: You are able to control your Aggro. Attracting mobs too much? Use White Voodoo.

Assassins: X-nay on the APS except at the boss. APS in big mob pulls does the squad no good. Even if your AOE skills don't do nearly as much damage as the big magic guns the debuff off of Subsea helps the other members of your squad to take out the pulls even faster.

Mystics: I'm afraid your Devil Chihyu does you no good here. Storm Mistress is a much better choice for Phoenix Valley when it comes to full out multiple mobs.

Venomancers: Noxious Gas (Level 39 skill) is your friend, not only your pet. Spam it.

All in all there really isn't much to running Phoenix Valley. You get in, kill everything, and get out. At the end of the run just quit the squad in order to leave or open your quest list to exit to a main city of your choice. don't die.

Instance Layout

NOTE: If the images don't show up on your screen, try refreshing the page.

To start the instance after everyone is in, the squad leader must talk to this NPC in order for the mobs to spawn.


The dungeon has a different layout for about every 2 level ranges. They are basically old copy and pastes of the original FB19 dungeon instances with a few changes. Areas have been sealed off that cannot be enter (it wouldn't part of the run anyway) but you will still start at the same point as in the original instances. Mobs that can pose a threat have been marked.

PV Levels 30-44 and PV Levels 45-59


Note: This image has been rotated upside-down for convenience.

PV Levels 60-74 and PV Levels 75-84


Note: This image has been rotated upside-down for convenience.

PV Levels 85-94 and PV Levels 95-100


Note: This image has been rotated upside-down for convenience.

The Level 100-105 run is copied off of the FB59 map.
As you can see the map has been marked a bit differently. Yes, there are mobs of the same type in this map was well but at this level it really is not much of a concern because everyone uses the same near endgame gear that this pretty much applies to everyone that is level 100 and up. Random squads for this PV are rare to see as it tends to be soloed the most or that players from the same faction and friends will likely be squading for this.



The bosses in every level range is different, but insanely easy to kill. The mobs are the hardest part of a run.

Dahhak Skinwing (Level 45), PV 30-44


Sliver Nova (Level 85), PV 75-84


Plume Helios (Level 95), PV 85-94


Shauk-Aranos (Level 105), PV 95-100