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Pet Bag Window.png

Venomancer pets and land mounts are hatched to and accessed through the Pet Bag that has 10 slots for pets with 1 slot open initially.

Accessing the Pet Bag

Access Pet Bag.png

The Pet Bag window is accessed by pressing the "P" key, or by selecting the "Pets" button from the "Public Relations" menu.

Accessing Pets

Pet Shortcuts.png

The pet's icon can be dragged and dropped from the Pet Bag window to a hotkey spot for quick access, or you can call and stow your pets using the buttons provided in the Pet Bag interface.

Adding or Removing Pets

Hatch Pet Egg.png Revert Pet to Egg.png

Pet Eggs can be hatched (and pets reverted back to their eggs) at the Pet Skill Trainers and Pet Managers.
Both hatching and reverting pets to eggs will cost you coin and the amount is somewhat variable. (Legendary pets cost more than normal pets, for instance.)

Note: Reverting a pet will drop its Loyalty to zero but all other statistics such as pet's level, hit points, physical defense, magic defense, etc. that have increased by leveling will remain intact.

Additional Slots

To expand and add slots to your pet bag is accomplished by: purchasing a single Cage (opening 1 slot, cost 2 gold), purchasing a Super Cage (opening the cage to its maximum of 10 slots), or doing the cage quests offered at Pet Skill Trainers and Pet Managers.

Performing the Cage or Super Cage quest may or may not prevent you from performing the food collection quests.

A Super Cage should only be purchased if you are not going to do any of the food quests. With a maximum capacity of 10 and a starting capacity of 1 slot, by doing the Hay quest and the Fruit quest, the Super Cage becomes the same cost as buying individual Cages.

  1. For the 1st round, collect 20 Hay = 1st free cage
  2. For the 2nd round, collect 50 Fruit = 2nd free cage
  3. For the 3rd round, collect 100 Fungus = 3rd free cage
Return to Pet Skill Trainer Hu in the City of the Lost for the free cage

For more information see the level 7 Pet Bag quest.

There is also a quest for 150 Wild Ginseng, but you're better off spending the 2 gold on a cage.
At 2 gold each for single slots and 14 gold for all slots, the cost is high but doing the quests will take a lot of time and the drops are not always that frequent. Buying those food quantities at a catshop will be even more costly.