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The Perfect World Zen Charge Rewards program is a periodic event where, in addition to the gold you normally get when charging Zen to your PWI account, you are also awarded "bonus points" that can be turned in for additional items. Zen Charge Rewards events are announced in the PWI News.

How it works

During these events, for every unit of Zen that you transfer to a PWI server, your account will also receive 1 Bonus Point.

Please note that your Zen will remain untouched; these Bonus Points are completely separate from your actual Zen, so spending the Bonus Points will not spend your Zen. These promotions are purely bonus promotions.

Also, please note that your account will not be credited with Bonus Points until the Zen is actually transferred to a PWI server.

So 1 Zen = 1 Bonus Point
$1 US = 100 Zen = 100 Bonus Points and 1 Gold

Bonus points can then be redeemed for:

1,000 Zen points - Martial Arts Scroll - Quatity 4
2,000 Zen points - Order of Blessing - Quantity 50
15,000 Zen Points - Divine Tiger Sage Ticket - Quantity 1
15,000 Zen Points - Cursed Tiger Sage Ticket - Quantity 1

To redeem your Bonus Points go to the Charge Rewards page here: