Mystic Common Stat Builds

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Full Mag Build

Every two levels:
9 Mag
1 Str

Mystics burn through magic points like crazy. This build will give you the maximum MP and MP recovery to deal with that problem. However, it will also leave you incredibly squishy. This can be partially dealt with by making sure your summons or teammates tank for you and by using the variety of healing skills you gain. Socketing gear with Citrines for HP or Vit stones for HP/defense (starting level 40+), PDef ornaments, and good refines (starting level 90+) are also recommended to counter the problem of low HP.

Vit Build

Every two levels:
7/8 Mag
2/1 Vit
1 Str

If you are someone who prefers being a bit less squishy, take 1 or 2 Vit points and 8 or 7 Mag per 2 levels, respectively, and 1 Str. This will mean a bit less MP, but a better ability to survive taking damage. This is recommended for less experienced players. You may want to start out with this build, and when you have a comfortable amount of HP, switch to the full mag build.