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The world of Morai is a vast, dynamic land of adventure and intrigue. Upon arrival, you will be tasked with determining the source behind the destruction of Elysium Village and sudden mobilization of wraiths in Morai. On your travels, you’ll come across others - those who would help you, and those whose only intent is to destroy you. Choose your allies wisely, for the road ahead is perilous.



It is highly advisable to have a flier while in Morai and also empty your quest log as much as possible because the Morai quest chain has a lot of quest that will fill your quest log up very quickly.

To enter Morai you must be level 95 or higher.

Morai is an instance introduced to Perfect World in early 2012 and starts in the story line with the destruction of Elysium Village in Perfect World. The area offers an extensive map area and many rewarding quests, added Morai skill books for all classes, added Morai rewards, Morai monsters, added character stats and a sect system that has three distinct orders: Corona, Luminance and Shroud.

The Morai Adventure

New Character Stats
With the introduction of Morai came some new stats some of which are developed to give you rewards in the Morai system and some seem to shadow existing character attributes. These stats can be viewed in the Character Status window by pressing "C" on the keyboard. In the Character Status window in the list at the top under the Faction status is the Order that you have joined in Morai and a new button labeled "ORDER" beside this. This button will reveal specific information and stats about your position in Morai.

Character Attributes
These stats are listed on the bottom of the character Status window and have yet to be discovered or implemented.
Warding Level - This seems to be related to a Defensive ability. (Estimated to be .9 of a Defense Level)
Slaying Level - This seems to be related to an Attack ability. (Estimated to be .9 of an Attack Level)

Reward Incentive Stats
Prestige and Influence are two stats that are used to accumulate of points earned when you complete Morai quest and can be turned in to specific Morai NPCs to purchase rewards such as new skill books, Armor, weapons, pets and different utility tokens. The points earned in Prestige and Influence can only apply to the Order that you are presently a member and those points can only be spent for the rewards offered by that Order. If you want rewards from another Order you must become a member of that Order and accumulate Prestige and Influence points from that Order's quests. Remember, that when you quit an Order you will loose some of the Prestige and Influence that you earned in that Order (5% at 1st order you leave) and you will be subject to the time restrictions before you can join another Order. Recall that after you leave your order, cant go buy any more rewards.

Entrance Portal NPCs
There are NPCs to enter Morai in each major Perfect World city
In north Archosaur city (549,668), across from Watcher of the Earth by a big tree.
In south Archosaur city (561 635), on the opposite side of the building where the south Banker is located.
In Etherblade city (433 886), Next to the Elder of Etherblade
In Lost City (242 647), to the rear far left side of the pavilion where the Elder of Lost is standing
In Plume city (334 418), off to the right and the back side of the teleport NPC
In Raging Tides city (667 122), near the Teleport NPC in the center of the city.
In Tellus city (382,221), bottom center within the city.

You will enter Morai on an island floating in the air above Celestial Lake, at the top and far left side of the map (230,589).

If you are new to Morai your 1st quest series will be given at Candlelight Village. If you head west and jump off the island you can fall into the lake below and swim to the shore to a path (214,583) on the west side of the lake, the mobs in the lake are not aggressive. Once on shore follow the path to Candlelight Village. If you stay on the path mobs will not attack you.

If you are a player returning player you may want to use the teleport NPC on an island below, if you head south and fall into the lake you can swim to the island in the center of the Lake to Teleporter Shia Sol (226,584).

I have learned that by jumping off a specific point on the edge I can land on a small floating island below and continue in the same direction and jump again, landing right beside the Teleporter NPC on the island in the center of the Lake.

You can also exit by swimming to the river on the southeast side which goes under the cliff, then get out of the river and onto the shore because the mobs in the river are aggressive and will attack. This is not a recommended route.

Quests in Morai

When you first come into Morai you will have a series of initial quest to do. I will call this quest chain, the "Introduction to Morai Quests" and I suggest that you do all these quests because they will give you a lot of experience points and familiarize you with the landscape and story line. After the initial quests are done there are a few reoccurring quests that will keep you coming back.

Introduction to Morai Quests

These are a series of quest that you will do when you first come to Morai, starting at Candlelight Village. Not only will they familiarize you with the landscape and story line they will give your character substantial experience points and lead you to to the point where you will choose which of Morai's Orders to join. To find Candle Light village press M on the keyboard to view the Morai map. These quests have you doing a lot of running around the map and sometimes back to Perfect world, out of Morai. What I did was to take every quest I could find from each NPC I encountered and from any NPCs in the area that had quests. By doing this I could click the quest link and check the map destination so I could do them in the order that seemed to be more efficient. This quest chain is done only once and you don't want to spend a week doing them when they can be done in a about a day or maybe less if you have help. Keep in mind that some of the quest bosses are strong so have factions members or help available to advise or help you if necessary.

At the end of the "Introduction to Morai Quests" is a quest to do the "Endless Universe" instance which is an instance in Morai and is described below in the "Endless Universe" section. The end of this quest was changed when they added the Advanced Endless Universe instance to Morai so please read the information because it tends to be confusing to many people.

Repeatable Morai Quests

Presently there are a few types of ongoing quests that I know of in Morai, the daily Divine quests, the dailey timed quest, the dailey Deity's Messenger (Jintao) quest, the weekly "Waithslayer's Missive" quest, the Endless Universe and the Advanced Endless Universe (AEU) quests. By taking these quests you will earn a large amount experience, Reward Prizes and also something specific to Morai: Influence and Prestige which are used to get goods, all-class pets, armor, and new skill books from the Order that you belong to. The different Orders have different items and different skill books to earn.

Crazy Stone

The CS (Crazy Stone) quest has not ended at character level 100 but continues on in Morai.
The Stone Collector is the the new Crazy Stone NPC for level 100+ characters and requires the Same Wuhsing Stones (Common shards) as before; Alabaster, Ruby, Topaz, Aquamarine, Amethyst.
The Stone Collector, Merchant and Jewelcraftsman NPCs should be at each Order's Central location near the leader.

For Corona the Stone Collector (466,513) is by the Banker who is a little ways southeast of the Corona leader.
The Merchant (473,517) is little ways off the right of the leader.
The Jewelcraftsman (No Jewelcraftsman could be found near corona)

For Shroud the Stone Collector (447,584) is between the Morai Jewelcraftsman and Banker.
The Merchant (446,585) is across the Morai Jewelcraftsman.
The Morai Jewelcraftsman (447,585) is between the Blacksmith and Stone Collector.

For Luminance the Stone Collector (355,579) is by the base of the leader's platform.
The Merchant (357,581) is off to the right when at the Stone Collector and facing the leader.
The Morai Jewelcraftsman (357,577) is before the Stone Collector next to the Banker.

Daily Divine Quests

To get the daily Divine quests you must belong to one of the Orders of Morai.
To start go to the leader of your Order and take the "Visit: the Divine Emissary" quest that he offers. This quest has you go to the Divine Emissary NPC who has the Divine quests.

Warning: You can get the "Visit: the Divine Emissary" quest from any Order's leader but not only will you not be able to get the quest from Other Order's Divine Emissary but the quest will be missing from your home Order's Divine Emissary as well. (I know this by experience)

The Divine Emissary will usually offer you several quest to choose from but you will only be able to take 2 of these quests unless you get the Token: Divine Order of Longevity which will unlock the list of quests.
Sometimes he will only offer you 1 purple quest which is worth more and has a different reward.

The Timed Quest

You are given 1 hour to finish and turn-in this quest.
The timed quest is not given by the leader of the order but by a different NPC in each of the Orders.
In Corona it is given by NPC: "Corona Stargazer Kin Sol".
In Shroud it is given by NPC: "Shroud Knight Synea".
In Luminance it is given by NPC: "Luminance Knight Inuwen"

At the NPC select "Quest Related" and you will be offered a single daily quest. There seems to be 4 or 5 rotating quests for this (Warriors, Wizards, Cutgo and 2 types of Buzzards).

Helpful Hint: All these quests seem to be on the west side of the map. To save coin and time I use the teleport NPC to port out of Morai, and then port right back into Morai where you will be on the Northwest side of the map. Then I fly to to the quest mobs to do the quest and then return to the teleport NPC where I entered and use the Morai transport to Teleport to the farthest point East. Then I fly the short distance to turn-in the quest. I usually have 30 minutes to spare, so I sometimes do a Divine quest that is a little bit farther from the base than I wanted to go. If you do this watch the clock and don't lose your timed quest.

Deity's Messenger (Jintao) quest

This is a once a day quest to acquire the mat that is needed to get some of the special skill books available from each Order. You will need several of these mats as well as another special mat to get the non tradeable skill book you want for you specific character.
Jintao is an NPC sitting in a funny wheelchair that roams the road that goes across the map from east to west and back again. The trick is finding him and then since he does not stop you have to turn in the quest to him on the run. Once you succeed the mat will be in your inventory.
To make things easier check this link out. [1]

Waithslayer's Missive Quest

Warning: Please read this through to avoid losing this quest!

At this time there is only 1 dungeon and boss being offered. The entrance is a fiery portal located at Sandscape Tower (). There is really nothing special about this boss except that it is a giant cockroach with a lot of Hit Points (HP).

When I was playing a Mystic, just a Veno and I Killed the boss but it took about 15 minutes. Don't ask how this worked, but the original squad had killed the boss just before we got there and were leaving. The boss re-spawned and we killed it again. I don't recommend doing anything out of order like this because the chance of FAILURE is Very High.

You will only get this quest once a week starting on Monday after the 12 midnight Sunday reset from the leader of the Order that you belong to.
The quest requires you to have a squad with one member from each of the orders (Corona, Shroud and Luminance).
Once you accept this quest you will be committed to completing it or loosing the quest after it expires in 24 hours.
Also, once you take the quest a Plaque item will show up in your inventory. Link this item to the squad leader to signify you have taken the quest then head to the dungeon entrance.

How to Set Up and Do The Waithslayer's Missive Quest

The leader of the squad has a special role that may determine if the quest works or fails. If you are the leader of the squad you will have to stay at the quest NPC until ALL squad members have the quest.
It is a good idea to get members from each of the other Orders before you fill the squad. The squad can have as many as 8 members but must have at least 1 from each of the 3 Orders of Morai, including yourself.
Also, you must make sure that all squad members including yourself have taken the quest or it might fail.
To do this, have each squad member link the Plaque item the quest gave them to you in a squad or PM chat message.
Once all squad members have taken the quest and linked their quest plaque item to you, you can finalize the the quest with the initial NPC (the Order's Leader) and then head to the Dungeon.
Wait, you are not done yet.
All squad members will receive the quest in their quest log a few minutes after you initiate the quest, make sure everyone has this quest before you kill the boss or the whole quest might fail.

After the boss is dead you do NOT have to turn in the quest, the quest is done and you will automatically receive the reward of a large amount of experience, Spirit and Influence of your Order.

If the quest fails have all squad members quit the squad then the leader resquads and tries to restart the quest from the same Order NPC. If that fails try a new leader at their Order's leader.

Endless Universe

The Endless Universe (EU) quest is an instance in Morai and is the last quest in the Morai story line and quest chain that was introduced with the creation of Morai. Since it can be quite difficult and requires a good squad you can choose not to do this quest without effecting other Morai quests or stats.

In order to enter the Endless Universe dungeon a player needs to obtain "Tuc Su Toxin" at the Altar of Shadows which is obtained free from NPC near by. This dungeon quest can be done once a day and is often offered as a Bounty Hunter (BH) quest so it is still a popular quest to be done. Players can farm the G13 Morai gear or simply get nice amounts of EXP daily.

Into the Fray (quest)

To explain how to finish the last quest in the Morai quest chain and do Endless Universe(EU) to finish there is a quest called "Into the Fray". This part of the quest chain has been confusing to many players because the quest was change from its original process.
This quest requires that you get 3 Essence mats from 3 major cities; Etherblade, Tellus and Archosaur.
The Essence mats can no longer be farmed from the cities where they are located to originally satisfied this quest but you can now get these Essences from doing Advanced Endless Universe.

Get these quest mats from the bosses which are in Advanced Endless Universe and NOT in Endless Universe.
Etherblade Essence Get Etherblade Essence description: Get the Etherblade City Essence back. Locen, the Emperor of Flame has it. (a 100% Boss Drop)
Tellus Essence Get Tellus Essence description: Get the Tellus City Essence back. Chigo, the Serpent Emperor has it. (a 100% Boss Drop)
Archosaur Essence Get Archosaur Essence description: Get the Archosaur City Essence back. Aurogon, the Dragon Emperor has it. (a 100% Boss Drop)
After obtaining the 3 essences to satisfy this quest you can turn in and finalize this quest at the Elder of the Streams (131 859) in Perfect World.

For more details about Endless Universe go to the Endless Universe page.

Advanced Endless Universe

This quest was added after the Morai instance was established and is quite different from the Endless Universe (EU) quest. There are multiple versions of this instance, each is different, with different requirements. Which one your squad gets is random, so you should prepare for the worst and hope for the easiest. Once the quest is started, you cannot switch to another of the Types without resetting the instance. All of the random instances end with Aurogon, the Dragon Emperor Boss as the final boss.

Players can continue doing the Advanced Endless Universe quest several times if they choose. It is an instanced where high level players can gain great amounts of EXP (experience) and different high level potions and rewards.

For more details go to the Advanced Endless Universe page.

The Orders of Morai

An Order is a type of Sect that you join in Morai.
There are 3 Orders in Morai: Corona, Luminance, and Shroud.

Joining and Leaving an Order

It is advisable to review all the reward items such as Skill Books, Armor etc. of each Order before choosing which one to join.
Once you choose an Order the order's name will appear above your character's name.
Once you join an Order you will not be able to leave that order for at least 7 days.
When you leave an Order you will lose some of the Prestige and Influence you earned from the Order you left.
After you leave an Order you will have to wait 24 hours before you can join another Order.

In the surrounding area where the leader of the Order is located there is a Mailbox and several NPCs; a Banker, Teleport, Merchant, Blacksmith, Morai Jewelcraftsman, Stone Collector, and other NPCs.

Order of Corona

Welcome to Corona! We strive to make our world a better place for all. Providing for the good, punishing the evil, and helping the weak are our tenets here. I sense in you a kindred spirit. Perhaps you can stay awhile and learn from us.

Map Location Name: Corona Sanctuary

Important NPCs:

  • Corona King Kisian (472,529), Leader of Corona
  • Emissary of Corona (473,524), Divine Quest Dispatcher
  • Corona Taomaster Kyno (472, 520), Basic Supply
  • Corona Stargazer Kin Soz (473,522), Advanced Supply and Daily Quest


  • Daggers
  • Bow
  • Arcane Armor Set

Basic Skills (40 Prestige. Tradeable, Vacuity and level 80 needed):

  • Blademaster: Sword Cyclone
  • Barbarian: Berserker’s Rage
  • Seeker: Angels of Justice

Advanced Skills (3500 Prestige. Untradeable, not account stashable, Vacuity and level 100 needed):

  • Blademaster: Reckless Rush
  • Wizard: Sand Miasma
  • Archer: Leap left, Leap right
  • Cleric: Mark of Weakness
  • Barbarian: Raging Slap
  • Venomancer: Bewitch
  • Seeker: Transposition
  • Mystic: Invigorate
  • Asassin: Shadow Sight
  • Psychic: Psionic Link

Vacuity Skills (7000 Prestige. Untradeable but account stashable, Vacuity and level 79 needed):

  • Blademaster: Dragon Bane
  • Blademaster: Bolt of Tyreseus
  • Blademaster: Smack
  • Cleric: Guardian Light
  • Cleric: Wings of Protection
  • Mystic: Clear Thoughts
  • Mystic: Nature’s Barrier
  • Asassin: Healing Trance
  • Asassin: Condensed Thorn

Sage/Demon Skills (7000 Prestige. Untradeable but account stashable. Celestial Sage/Demon needed):

  • Wizard: Manifest Virtue
  • Archer: Awaken
  • Barbarian: Clean Sweep
  • Venomancer: Arcane Antinomy
  • Seeker: Duelists Glee
  • Mystic: Lucky Break
  • Psychic: Sandball Clash

Note: The Teleporter and other craft NPCs are a distance from the Corona Leader. Stone Collector (467,514) is located near the Banker. (See Quests section below)

Order of Luminance

Welcome to the Order of Luminance! We strive to bring justice and order to the world, and the only way to do that is to take control. We have banded together to shine light upon the darkness in this realm, to bring about a new order of righteousness.

Map Location Name: Nexus of Luminance

Important NPCs

  • Luminance Lord Gugg (353,579), Leader of Luminance
  • Emissary of Luminance (357,578), Divine Quest Dispatcher
  • Luminance Tactician Mur (352,579), Basic Supply
  • Luminance Knight Inuwen (351,580), Advanced Supply and Daily Quest Dispatcher


  • Dual Axes
  • Dual Swords
  • Spear
  • Light Armor Set

Basic Skills (Tradeable, Vacuity and level 80 needed):

  • Wizard: Spatial Reversion
  • Wizard: Life Reversion
  • Cleric: Violet Dance
  • Cleric: Aurora Blast
  • Cleric: Aurora Burst
  • Venomancer: Soul Link
  • Mystic: Transfusion
  • Psychic: Veil of Shadow

Advanced Skills (3500 Prestige. Untradeable, not account stashable, Vacuity and level 100 needed):

  • Blademaster: Flame Tsunami
  • Wizard: Ice Prison
  • Archer: Arrow Inferno
  • Cleric: Ancestors Blessing
  • Barbarian: Blood Rush
  • Venomancer: Blazing Barrier
  • Seeker: Radiant Sight
  • Mystic: Verdant Blessing, Mass Resurrection
  • Asassin: Spoils of War
  • Psychic: Telekinesis

Vacuity Skills (7000 Prestige. Untradeable but account stashable, Vacuity and level 79 needed):

  • Archer: Elven Alacrity
  • Archer: Blessing of the Condor
  • Barbarian: Untamed Wrath
  • Barbarian: Violent Triumph
  • Seeker: Arme Nier
  • Seeker: Last Stand

Sage/Demon Skills (7000 Prestige. Untradeable but account stashable. Celestial Sage/Demon needed):

  • Blademaster: Buddas Guard
  • Wizard: Elemental Invocation
  • Cleric: Seal of the God
  • Venomancer: Fossilized Curse
  • Mystic: Swinging Cloud Dance
  • Asassin: Blood Frenzy
  • Psychic: Stone Smasher

Order of Shroud

We of the Shroud strive to discover all the secrets of the universe. There is a wealth of knowledge hiding in the night: Ripe for those who do not fear the dark.

Map Location Name: Shrouded Temple

Important NPCs:

  • Shroud Prophet Mogo (447,590), Leader of Shroud
  • Emissary of Shroud (446,584), Divine Quest Dispatcher
  • Shroud Craftsman Yurin (448,598), Basic Supply
  • Shroud Knight Synea (446,590), Advanced Supply and Daily Quest Dispatcher


  • Magic Sword
  • Soulsphere
  • Heavy Armor Set

Basic Skills (Tradeable, Vacuity and level 80 needed):

  • Archer: Galvanic Charge
  • Asassin: Death Link

Advanced Skills (3500 Prestige. Untradeable, not account stashable, Vacuity and level 100 needed):

  • Blademaster: Reel In
  • Wizard: Arcane Defense
  • Archer: Ataraxia
  • Barbarian: Cornered Beast
  • Venomancer: Natural Synergy
  • Cleric: Pious Blessing
  • Seeker: Sacrificial Slash
  • Mystic: Mystical Eye
  • Asassin: Share the Stealth
  • Psychic: Spirit Phalanx

Vacuity Skills (7000 Prestige. Untradeable but account stashable, Vacuity and level 79 needed):

  • Wizard: Elemental Shell
  • Wizard: Soporific Whisper
  • Wizard: Undine Strike
  • Venomancer: Feral Concentration
  • Venomancer: Myriad Rainbow
  • Venomancer: Myriad Rainbow (Fox)
  • Psychic: Tradewinds
  • Psychic: Crystal Light

Sage/Demon Skills (7000 Prestige. Untradeable but account stashable. Celestial Sage/Demon needed):

  • Blademaster: Flash
  • Archer: Blood Vow
  • Cleric: Elven Boon
  • Barbarian: Ancestral Rage
  • Seeker: Rewinding Gesture
  • Mystic: Weeping Breeze Dance
  • Asassin: Spell Cutter


Teleporting around Morai is done in short leaps across the map with a cost of 2500 Coins.

Morai Teleport NPCs can teleport you back to Perfect World for free but you always end up in Elysium Village in front of a NPC, Teleporter Mon Suer (535,252) where you can teleport to other cities or places on the Perfect World map.

NOTE: To return to Morai from Elysium Village go to NPC, Spirit Loyan (537,250) a short distance away from Teleporter Mon Suer
So this is a cheap way to cross the Map when you are short on time: While in Morai at a teleport NPC, let say at Corona, and you need to go to west side of the map to kill mobs. Teleport back to Perfect World map then go to the NPC, Spirit Loyan (537,250) a short distance away and teleport back into Morai which is always on the upper west side of the map. Going East in morai you must use the Morai teleports or fly which is best for long distances.

Teleporter Shia Sol (226,584) on an island in Celestial Lake on the map (Entrance to Morai is above on the floating islands)
Teleporter Swane Key (207,566), Candlelight Village
Teleporter Ruzon (246,532) Warblades Outpost
Teleporter Rua (278,561) Solstice Outpost
Teleporter Veru (313,576) Sapphire Altar
Teleporter Monis (311,515) Sand Light Crystal
Teleporter Hoki (391,518) Unseen Gate
Teleporter Shin (443,550) Sandscape Tower

Order Teleporters
Teleporter Mionia (465,515) near Corona Sanctuary
Teleporter Siobalm (351,577) at Nexus of Luminance
Teleporter Raio Kin (450,585) at Shroud Temple

Bosses and Mini-Bosses

Dark Radiance (level 100). Level 100 is in the Blighted Garden near the front of the building that is there. Players can solo this boss but will take you a long time and there are several roaming mobs that will attack you while you are fighting. It is better to have help if just to keep the other mobs off your back while you are fighting the boss.

Mutated Wu Hen (4,950,360 HP) and Mutated Wu Mehan (5,950,360 HP)
These are located close together at the giant skeleton on the map (357,538).
They are relatively tough to kill and have mobs around them that will pester you while you try to kill the boss.
You should have a several players in a squad.

Places in Morai

Friendly Places which have Bankers, Teleporters and other NPCs

Candlelight Village (207,566)
<NPC List>

Warblades Outpost (246,532)
There is a Liaison of each Order in this village
<NPC List>
Solstice Outpost (278,561)
<NPC List>

Not friendly places which have mobs, bosses and sometimes a quest NPC

Blighted Garden
Home of mini-boss Dark Radiance (level 100). Level 100s can solo but will take you a long time.
This location has many aggressive mobs that move around and has archer and wraith statues that are quite deadly, they do not move but have long range shot.

Altar of Shades

This is located in the upper far right corner of the map. It is where the entrance to the "Advanced Endless Universe" is located.
For more information please see the Advanced Endless Universe page.

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