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Walk/Run Between Places

This is the basic option as every class in perfect world starts unequipped, So they basically walk/run between NPCs and places to explore the map. At later levels they are allowed to utilize cool land Mounts which can be bought from boutique or other players for faster ground navigation. For more information on Ground Mounts please check here: Ground

Fly Between Places

The second option is the air navigation which requires level 30 for Human and Untamed races, the default wings available to the Winged Elves from level 1 allows them to fly between places right from the beginning. At later levels all races can get other super cool flying mounts from boutique and speed up their air navigation for better gaming experience. For more information on flying mounts please check here: Flying.


There are numerous ways to get around Perfect World. You can ride a land mount, fly, or just plain run. If you've got a long distance to travel, it may be worth your while to use the autopath feature.

1st Press Q on the computer keyboard to bring up the quest list window.

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2nd Navigate to the quest containing something you want to autopath to. This can be an NPC to pick up or turn in a quest, a mob that you need to kill, or something you need to dig. There should be a green link in the quest description area. Click on this green link and you will automatically travel to that location.

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Caution: Autopathing isn't perfect. When you click on the green link, you will travel directly to that destination- that is, you will travel in a straight line towards that destination. If there are walls, trees, or buildings in your way, you may get stuck and the autopath can cancel out early. For long trips, it's recommended that you hop up on your flying mount and get to a high enough altitude to avoid the terrain. Just make sure you watch out for air mobs!


The last and the most efficient map navigation option is the teleportation. Now this teleport option can be sub divided into the following categories:

  1. Teleport using Town/Village waypoint.
  2. Teleport using Town Portal skill.
  3. Teleport using Teleport stone or Teleport incense.

(The Khatru pup in any major city can also be used as a free teleport to Archosaur via the Cube of Fate.)

Teleport Using Town/Village Waypoint

This is the basic map navigation option that allows players to move from one town to another by talking to the NPC Teleport Master.

Note: In order to use this option you must have previously activated the waypoint to the destination town. This can be done manually by selecting Teleport Master in each Town or simply using the Geographic Map available from the boutique.

(Press O to open Boutique -> Select Items under available categories -> Select Portal under available sub categories -> Select Geographic Map)

Teleport Using Town Portal Skill

The second option is by using the town portal skill, using this skill will teleport you to the nearest town.

Note: This skill can be used only once per hour, because the skill's cool down takes 1 hour after every use. Also, if your faction owns land through Territory Wars, then you can use this skill to teleport to the waypoint in the controlled area for free.

Teleport Using Teleport Stone or Teleport Incense

The last and the instant teleport option that covers both the above options at players will is by using the teleport stones or the teleport incense.

Teleport stone - using this allows player to move between any activated waypoint located at anywhere in the map.

Teleport incense - using this will teleport the player to the nearest city.

Map Waypoints

Initially, Perfect World International had 48 waypoints in it. The Rising Tide expansion released 6 more and the Genesis expansion released an additional 7, bringing the total to 61. These waypoints can be activated by manually selecting Teleport Master in each town or by using Geographic Map as discussed above in the Teleportation section.

Perfect World Waypoints
Town Name Teleport Master Coordinates
Snowy Village
(146, 961)
Village of Shattered Ice
(251, 973)
Avalanche Village
(325, 972)
(499, 966)
City of Misfortune
(663, 968)
North Barrier Village
(153, 894)
City of a Thousand Streams
(117, 859)
East Barrier Village
(189, 864)
South Barrier Village
(153, 822)
(447, 874)
Hidden Heroes Village
(499, 867)
Walled Stronghold
(566, 875)
Camp of the Intrepid
(259, 813)
Sumor Camp
(334, 823)
Angler's Village
(637, 832)
Immolation Camp
(131, 746)
Sirry Wine Camp
(238, 774)
Swiftwind Tribe
(372, 762)
Tradewind Village
(428, 737)
Orchid Temple
(579, 765)
Allies Camp
(620, 724)
Town of Arrivals
(119, 640)
City of the Lost
(252, 647)
Wellspring Village
(427, 647)
Archosaur, West District
(529, 663)
Archosaur, North District
(549, 670)
Archosaur, South District
(563, 631)
Sundown Town
(126, 590)
Broken Bridge Village
(231, 560)
Dragon's End
(281, 567)
The Silver Pool
(449, 567)
Hidden Orchid
(587, 565)
(645, 561)
The Village of Naught
(675, 616)
Sandsong Village
(178, 469)
Gate of Antiquity
(386, 520)
Village of Brutes
(221, 416)
City of the Plume
(325, 415)
Arrowhead Manor
(432, 460)
King's Feast
(463, 431)
Whetstone Keep
(538, 414)
Village of the Lost
(641, 472)
Cromagnon Village
(114, 314)
Dreaming Stronghold
(204, 323)
Bamboo Village
(370, 351)
Tusk Town
(446, 336)
Village of the Dreaming Cloud
(545, 375)
Dreamweaver Port
(667, 371)
City of Raging Tides
(668, 124)
Camp Wave Breaker
(671, 176)
Nightfire Altar
(687, 257)
(629, 243)
The Blunted Lance Stand
(522, 163)
Lonely Cloud Reef
(550, 95)
Tellus City
(378, 230)
Forgotten Sanctuary
(472, 262)
Galeroar Town
(413, 205)
Guardian's Keep
(310, 234)
Shrine of the Ancestors
(228, 229)
Spire of Awakening
(146, 240)
Shrine of the Immortals
(113, 257)

Taking Shortcuts

Teleportation Items

While the vast network of teleports is helpful, it can sometimes be a little tricky to navigate. Instead of hopping down the line of 6 or so waypoints, you may want to go directly to your destination. Luckily, there are a couple of items available to help you do so:

Geographic Map

Geographic Map

This item, only available through the Boutique, will unlock every single waypoint on the map. If you don't want to gather the waypoints the hard way, you'd best get your hands on one of these.

Teleport Stone

Teleport Stone

Available both through the Boutique and through Tokens, these stones will let you teleport to any waypoint you have activated from any place on the map. Simply right click the stone, then left click the waypoint on the map.

Free Teleport to Archosaur

Archosaur is the hub of Perfect World, and much of your travel will be routed through the capital city. For those of you who are level 40 or higher, you can use the Khatru Pup to enter the Cube of Fate. Even if you don't plan on doing the Cube of Fate quests, you can use room 1 as a free teleport to Archosaur.

First find the nearest Adventure Assistant or the Khatru Pup.

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Next, go to the option Enter the Cube of Fate

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Then press Confirm

After that press Understood. I have it now.. This will take the player to a loading screen.

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Once in the Cube of Fate (Fate's Beginning), go forwards to the orange dot on the map.

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The Exit Watcher will have a golden shield above his head and the player must talk to him to leave the Cube of Fate.

Press Leave

Then press Yes

Then press Yes, I want out.

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This will bring the player to North Archosaur, where you can continue on with your journey.

The Illusion Stone

The Illusion Stone is a teleportation device that can take you straight to an instance, for a small fee. There are two of them, located next to the teleportmasters in South Archosaur and West Archosaur.

Even if your final destination isn't an instance, sometimes it's cheaper to "take the stone" or "stone in" to an instance as part of your journey. For example, if you're going to King's Feast from Archosaur, you can teleport directly into the Valley of Disaster and then run out of the cave instead of going from Archosaur to Silver Pool to Arrowhead Manor to King's Feast. The stone's price in this case would be 5k coin, as opposed to the 9k coin fee for the three-hop trip. Be advised that sometimes these trips are more expensive, such as the teleport into Nirvana.

To use the Illusion Stone, simply talk to it like you would a teleport master. Instead of asking if you want to teleport or enter an instance, the stone will give you a list of locations that it can take you to. Click on the one you would like to use and you will be taken to a confirmation screen, making sure that you want to spend x amount of coins to travel to y destination.

Be advised that there is a minimum level for these teleports. If you are not high enough, they may not show up or they may show up with a red dot in front of them. Also, if you do not have enough coin on you to pay for the teleport, the quests you can't afford may not show up.

The locations and prices for the Illusion Stone are as follows:

Quest Name Destination Fee
Twilight Teleport Twilight Temple 8k
Frost Teleport Forgotten Frostland 10k
Lunar Teleport Lunar Glade 10k
[13] To Warsong City(LV95) Warsong City 20k
[14] To Nirvana Palace(LV100) Palace of Nirvana 50k
To Den of Rabid Wolves(LV20+) Den of Rabid Wolves (FB19 Untamed) 5k
To Cave of the Vicious(LV20+) Cave of the Vicious (FB19 Winged Elf) 5k
To Firecrag Grotto(LV20+) Firecrag Grotto (FB19 Human) 5k
Deception Teleport Hall of Deception (FB29) 5k
Delirium Teleport Gate of Delirium (FB39) 5k
Frostcover Teleport(LV50) Secret Frostcover Grounds (FB51) 5k
Disaster Teleport Valley of Disaster (FB59) 5k
Wraithgate Teleport Wraithgate (FB69) 10k
Hallucinatory Teleport Hallucinatory Trench (FB79) 10k
Eden Teleport Eden (FB89 - Demon) 10k
Brimstone Teleport Brimstone Pit (FB89 - Sage) 10k
To Abaddon(LV95+) Abaddon (FB99 - Demon) 30k
To Seat of Torment(LV95+) Seat of Torment (FB99 - Sage) 30k