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There are two legendary pets that Venomancers can have in PWI. One is the Baby Hercules (Herc) and the other is the Blazing Phoenix (Nix). Both can be acquired in a similar way. To get the Baby Hercules, you must save up 9999 Source of Force. To get the Blazing Phoenix, you must save up 9999 Phoenix Feathers. Yup, that's one shy of 10K. The Source of Force and Phoenix Feathers can be found in Battle Pet Packs bought in the boutique at 50 silver per pack. Each Pack has a random chance of containing 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 Source of Force (SoF) or Phoenix Feathers (PF). You can also find SoF and PF for sale in kitty shops. The price usually varies depending on the current price of gold or whether there is a Battle Pet Pack sale. On average, a Legendary Pet usually costs anywhere from 80-100 million in coin. Yeah... they hurt in the pocketbook, but you can bet they can earn back every coin in how useful they are.

Exchanging Your Phoenix Feathers or Source of Force...

A common fear about purchasing Battle Pet Packs is the uncertainty about whether you'll receive Phoenix Feathers or Source of Force. Regardless of the Legendary Pet that you have chosen to make though, you don't need to worry. Simply take your Source of Force or Phoenix Feathers to the Pet manager to exchange them for the desired item. You can access this feature my selecting Quest Related at the Pet Manager. Then simply choose the item that you wish to trade for. For example, should you choose Phoenix Feather, the Pet Manager will request that you bring her 100 Source of Force at which point she will give you 100 Phoenix Feathers in return. Note: The Pet Manager will only exchange 100 at a time so you'll need to take the quest multiple times should you have more than this.

Exchanging Your Phoenix Feathers or Source of Force for a Legendary Pet...

After you gain all the SoF or PF you need, take them to the Zoologist in Archosaur. There you can exchange them for a Baby Hercules ticket (SoF) or a Blazing Phoenix ticket (PF). When this happened the Duke used to announce your recent acquisition in red letters for all of your server to hear, but currently the Duke has been silenced. Now you can exchange your ticket with the Zoologist for the pet egg of your ticket. Then take the egg to the Pet Manager for hatching, and voilĂ ! You have a Legendary Pet. Please do remember that the Legendary Pet Egg isn't tradeable. The ticket, however, is tradeable.

There IS no Legendary Pet for water use. This has been lamented by many a veno, and celebrated by nearly everyone else who think venos are overpowered enough as it is, and by venos who just can't afford yet ANOTHER 80 mil, thank you very much.

Baby Hercules

Baby Hercules

FOOD: Meat
HP: 130 (+45/level)
P.DEF: 52 (+100/level)
M.DEF: 42 (+80/level)
ACC: 72 (+25/level)
DODGE: 38 (+13.33/level)
ATK: ? (+7?/level when loyalty = wild)
ATK/S: 0.8
M/S: 7.3? (+0.1/10 levels starting at level 13?)


Pounce: level 2
Strong: level 5
Protect: level 5
Reflect: level 5

This is widely regarded as the best tank pet in the game. It has more HP than any other pet possible, plus an insane amount of physical defense and attack. It is a ground based pet, and therefore, unlike the 'Nix, can be brought into instances and dungeons, like Twilight Temple. This makes it VERY handy. When acquired, its starting level is 1.

Blazing Phoenix

Blazing Phoenix.JPG
Baby Blazing Phoenix

HP: 108 (+37.5/level)
P.DEF: 52 (+100/level)
M.DEF: 62 (+120/level)
ACC: 82 (+25/level)
DODGE: 48 (+16.83/level)
ATK: ? (+21?/level when loyalty = wild)
ATK/S: 1
M/S: 10.0


Pounce: level 2
Blessing of the Pack: level 5
Claw: level 5

This pet's stats are all very high. It's generally preferable to the Herc due to being more maneuverable, having better magic defense, and more rounded stats. It is also veeery pretty. However, it cannot be taken into instances and can only be used on the world map either on land or in the air. When acquired, its starting level is 1.