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Twilight Temple (commonly referred to as “TT” by the player base) is an instance dungeon that can be accessed by players that are level 60 or above. Unlike FBs, this dungeon does not offer reputation or experience rewards. Instead, it’s valued for the crafting materials that can be collected from a successful run. These materials can be used at the Twilight Forges to create legendary armor and weapons. Depending on the settings selected by a player, this dungeon also varies in terms of difficulty.


Accessing Twilight Temple

There are two ways that a player can enter into the dungeon. The first is by using the instance's entrance located at 130,668. The second is by using the Illusion Stone to teleport there immediately. The Illusion Stone can be found in Archosaur at the following coordinates:

Location Coordinates
Archosaur West 529, 665
Archosaur South 564, 633

Note: Using the Illusion Stone will cost 8,000 coins.

Navigating the Dungeon

When first entering the dungeon you will find yourself in the “Hall of Choice”. Here you will find Twilight Forges and pillars that allow you to select an Act and open a teleport to the next part of the dungeon. The Twilight Forges can be used to manufacture ultimate substances and legendary equipment (please see below).

Hall of Choice, Twilight Temple

There are three Acts that players can access in Twilight Temple. Each Act differs in difficulty and has a level requirement. The Acts that you will be able to access are dependent on the level of the squad leader. This being said, players that are below each Act's specified level requirements will be able to enter the dungeon but this is not highly recommended.

Act Name Level Requirement
Act I Requiem of the Wraiths 60+
Act II Symphony of the Fates 74+
Act III Aria of Dawn 88+

To enter into an Act simply double-click on your pillar of choice, choose “Quest Related”, click on the name of the Act and confirm your choice. Once you've done this you'll find that the door behind the pillar disappears (as does the pillar itself), giving you access to a teleport to the next room.

Act Teleport

Once you've teleported into the Act selected, you must now set the features of your dungeon run. At most there will be four pillars that appear (one after the other) that will help you do so. The pillars that appear allow you to define the difficulty of the dungeon that you wish to attempt. The greater the difficulty, the greater probability there is for crafting materials to drop. Note: If you are in a squad, only the leader can choose from the features defined by each pillar.

Pillar I: Mode Select

The first pillar that appears allows you to choose your adventure mode. Here you must define the number of people in your squad. The specifications of each mode are as follows:

Mode Minimum Number of Players in Squad Maximum Number of Players in Squad
Single 1 player 4 players
Squad 4 players 6 players

If you choose Single mode only one other pillar will appear (Squad Settings). If you choose Squad mode, three more pillars will appear (Squad Settings, the Amount of Bosses and the Amount of Monsters).

Pillar II: Squad Settings

The second pillar that appears will ask that you set the difficulty level of your dungeon. It's important to note that all Acts are subdivided into three parts, each with its own level range. The level range will define the level of the monsters (excluding bosses) that you can expect to find in the dungeon. Choosing a higher level range will increase the difficulty of bosses so it’s recommended that all players be either within or above the defined range.

Act Difficulty Levels
I 1-1 Chronol (Level 60 – 65) 1-2 Dimensic (Level68 – 73) 1-3 Substancia (Level 76 – 81)
II 2-1 Substancia (Level 74 – 79) 2-2 Naught (Level 82 – 87) 2-3 Null (Level 90 – 95)
III 3-1 Null (Level 88 – 89) 3-2 Vacuity (Level 95 – 100) 3-3 Doom (Level 100+)

Should you be in a squad with others, all members must be present in the Act's first room before you can make your selection at this pillar. If any squad members are not present you will receive an error message.

Pillar III: The Amount of Bosses (Squad)

If you chose Squad mode at the first pillar, a third pillar will appear asking the number of bosses that you wish to have on your dungeon run. Select “Boss Num.: Med.” if you wish to have the standard number of bosses and “Boss Num.: High” if you wish to face a greater number of bosses. Choosing a larger number of bosses will increase the variety of crafting materials that can drop on your run. Note: Your selection at this pillar will affect the choices that appear on the fourth pillar.

Pillar IV: The Amount of Monsters (Squad)

At your fourth and final pillar for Squad mode, you can set the amount of monsters. Your selection here will exclude bosses as you've already set this in the previous pillar. Select “Boss Amount: Mid.” for the standard number of monsters and “Boss Amount. High” for a greater amount of monsters. Note: Both of these options will not be available, the option that is available corresponds to your choice at the previous pillar.

The Amount of Bosses The Amount of Monsters
Boss Num.: Med. Boss Num.: Mid.
Boss Num.: High. Boss Num.: High.

Only when you've chosen all of the necessary settings will the doors to this room open allowing you to start your dungeon run.

Ultimate Substances

In some combinations of the settings that you choose you may be asked for Ultimate Substances as payment for your entry into the dungeon. Ultimate Substances can be crafted at the Twilight Forges and require 5 Fine Lumber, 5 Refined Steel, 5 Rubstone Powder and 5 Anthracite. The squad leader must have the necessary amount of Ultimate Substances in their inventory otherwise you will be denied access to the dungeon.

UltimateSub.jpg Ultimate Substance
Act Mode Amount of Bosses Amount of Monsters Number of Ultimate Substances Required
I Single --- --- 1 (2 in TT 1-3)
Squad Med. Mid. 0
High. High. 1
II Single --- --- 2 (3 in TT 2-3)
Squad Med. Mid. 0
High. High. 2
III Single --- --- 3 (4 in TT 3-3)
Squad Med. Mid. 0
High. High. 3


Unlike in FBs, your damage output on Twilight Temple bosses will be "nerfed". This being said, it takes players considerably more time and effort to defeat bosses in this instance than in any others. The only exceptions to this damage reduction rule are a venomancer's pets (the damage that they deal will remain unchanged). It is therefore helpful to use as many debuffs as possible in order to reduce the amount of time that it takes to succeed. Players should also note that Twilight Temple bosses will not have a specific level. This means that a difficulty of a boss will increase based on the level of difficulty that you set for the dungeon.

Boss HP Bar

Resetting the Dungeon

There are several ways to reset the dungeon, simply exiting the instance will not work. Players can either wait 20 minutes after leaving the instance or simply disband your squad and rejoin it with a different leader.

Twilight Forges

The Twilight Forges provide players with the ability to combine materials found in Twilight Temple to make legendary equipment. To use the Twilight Forges simply select the item that you wish to craft. This will provide you with a recipe of materials that you need in order to manufacture the item. Note: Higher level equipment will require Souledges (items that result when decomposing the TT armors or weapons that precede your currently selected equipment).

Forge Recipe

Players can choose from four forges for their crafting needs. A minimum crafting level of four is required to manufacture items from these forges. This level requirement increases with the level of equipment.

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Twilight Forge: Weapons Twilight Forge: Armor Twilight Forge: Ornament Twilight Forge: Materials
Description: Manufacture Twilight Empire's legendary weapons with the materials you find in Twilight Temple. Description: Manufacture Twilight Empire's legendary armors with the materials you find in Twilight Temple. Description: Manufacture Twilight Empire's legendary ornaments with the materials you find in Twilight Temple. Description: Manufacture ultimate substances, a material unique to the Twilight Empire.

Hall of Choice (Twilight Temple)
521, 627 (Archosaur South)


Hall of Choice (Twilight Temple)
521, 628 (Archosaur South)


Hall of Choice (Twilight Temple)
521, 628 (Archosaur South)


Hall of Choice (Twilight Temple)
521, 629 (Archosaur South)