Hall of Deception

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Location: inside the Secret Passage, across from Dismal Shade.
Wine: Bamboo Wine (x1)

This is the smallest of all the FBs.


Fb29 labeled.jpg


Insidious Towerling and the door that opens when it dies
Pillar (use your Call to Duty tablet item, A.K.A. "tab", here before killing the boss)
Boss: Qingzi


Before you can kill the boss, an elite mob, the Insidious Towerling, must be killed. This mob can be found in the Northeast room. He is a stationary mob with no ranged attacks, so you can kill him without getting damaged. Take care of the other mobs around him. They can aggro if the tower is range attacked.

Note: Skipping the Towerling and attacking Qingzi through the door is cheating, and thus is a bannable offense. Don't do it!


There is only one boss in the Hall of Deception.




Qingzi is located in the Northwestern room of the dungeon.

The Battle

Qingzi uses a mix of both melee physical attacks and ranged magic attacks. His magic attacks are earth based and he is weak against wood. At 50% health his aggro resets, so be careful at that point to let the tank keep aggro.

If a ranged attack using party member's earth defense is greater than anyone else's physical defense, it may be better for the one with the highest earth defense to range-tank the boss.

Drops to Note: (examples)

(molds that no longer drop from boss)

  • Mold: Servant's Necklace (~10%)
  • Mold: Fine Emerald Slacks (~10%)
  • Mold: Zombie Warrior Leggings (~10%)
  • Mold: Heavy Plate of Phantom (~10%)
  • Mold: Fiend's Ring (~10%)
  • Mold: Handaxes of Demonic Roar (~9%)
  • Mold: Order of the Stars (~7%)
  • Mold: Sting of Thorms (~4%)
  • Mold: Eagle's Claw (~4%)
  • Mold: Shady Blade (< .1%)
  • Mold: Necromania Hat (< .1%)


The following quests can be completed in the Hall of Deception: