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The purpose of this guide is to help you use and plan your pets!


Pet Quests

There are several compulsory and optional pet-related quests described on the Venomancer Pet Quests page. These give you your pet skills and additional space in your pet bag.

Accessing Pets

When you first acquire your pet it will be in the form of an egg. Eggs can be hatched (and pets can be reverted to eggs) by a Pet Manager or Pet Skill Trainer for a nominal fee. Once hatched, your pet resides in your pet bag until reverted.

To open the pet bag press the 'P' key on your keyboard.



To find out how loyal your pet is, hover over its Icon in your pet window (see image at right). The pertinent information for this section is circled in red.

There are 4 tiers of loyalty for your pet:

Name Loyalty Dmg EXP
Savage 0 - 50 60% 10%
Wild 51 - 150 80% 50%
Tame 151 - 500 100% 100%
Loyal 501+ 120% 150%


Just like real pets, PWI pets want to be regularly fed. To feed your pet, simply right click the appropriate food in your inventory (as an alternative, food can be hotkeyed).

Pets list the food they like to eat, and each category has various foods with different loyalty values. The hunger level of your pet determines how much of the loyalty value of the food you feed it is received. In addition, if you neglect to feed your pet for five minutes, its loyalty will decrease (again based on its level of hunger).

To visually indicate your pet's hunger level, the icon in your Pet Window will be shaded a different color.

Icon Description Food Loyalty Mod Unfed Loss
Cactopod Full.png Full 100% 0
Cactopod Satisfied.png Satisfied 100% 1
Cactopod Peckish.png Peckish 95% 5
Cactopod Hungry.png Hungry 80% 15
Cactopod Starving.png Starving 60% 50


Tomes prevent your pet from getting hungry, in addition to their stats. This means that you don't need to be constantly feeding your pet (which is nice when you get to picky eaters who won't take Pure Water). Tomes are crafted using a Nature Forge in Archosaur or Thousand Streams, but require cash shop items. They can also be acquired from other players, so keep an eye on the Auction House and Cat Shops.


When your pet dies, it loses 10% of its current Loyalty. For pets with picky diets, this can get to be expensive, which is where your tome comes in. You can keep Loyalty loss from deaths down by not over feeding your pets and only have to feed them when they die; and if managed properly, only have to feed them once.

Pet Control

This section demonstrates the interface for controlling your pet. This is especially critical for luring/pulling, taming or backing your pet off from someone else's kill.

Pet Skill Bar

Pet Bar.png
This window provides a visual interface to your pet's actions.

Auto Behavior Buttons :
This group of buttons lets you decide how your pet should react in the absence of direct commands.

Manual Icon.png Manual : your pet will do nothing without being given commands.
Defend Icon.png Defend : your pet will attack any enemies who attack it or you, but will not attack a target simply because you are doing so.
Auto Icon.png Auto : your pet will attack anything you do, in addition to targets attacking it or you.

Movement Buttons :
This group tells your pet whether or not it should follow you as you move around.

Hold Icon.png Hold : Your pet will stay where it is, regardless of your movements. Getting too far away will cause your pet will stow itself. Pressing this button will cause your pet to stop attacking, however it will resume attacks based on its Auto Behavior.
Follow Icon.png Follow : This tells your pet to follow you around as you move. Getting too far away will cause your pet will warp to catch up. As with Hold, pressing this button will cause your pet to stop attacking, however it will resume attacks based on its Auto Behavior.
Attack Icon.png Attack : Your pet will move to your target and attack. Unlike Hold and Follow, this button is not persistent. Unlike the Skill Buttons, this command will execute if your pet is currently moving, however it will finish its current skill command before executing this one. Alt+1 will send this command to your pet.

Pet Skill Autocast Moved.png
Skill Buttons :

These button use your pets skills and as such, the icons and their order will likely be different for your pet. If your pet is moving when the command is issued, it will finish moving before answering the new command.
Skills can also be activated by pressing Alt+2 through Alt+5 for skills 1 - 4 respectively.

Auto-Skill :
The yellow border around the second skill (image to the right) denotes that it will automatically be used when it is available. To set which skill to use automatically, simply right click the skill (defaults to the first skill when the pet is summoned). This change is NOT persistent and will need to be set every time you summon your pet.

In general, if your pet has a bash-line skill, it's best to use that as your auto-skill (Bash being ideal, elemental versions being an alternative) as they are the fastest reuse and will get the most out of auto-skilling. If you would rather not have your pet use an auto-skill at all, simply right click the current auto-skill to deselect it.

There is currently a bug involving pet buffs as auto-skills which can cause your auto-skill to fail. To remedy the situation, re-assign your auto-skill.

Pet Groups

Pet Groups are denoted visually by the pet's icon in the Pet Bag. All pets within the same group have the same Growth Chart and therefore get the same increases from level to level (with the possible exception of Physical Attack). Within a group, pets with a lower base level will end up with better combat stats as they progress, those with a higher base level will end up with a higher movement speed and start with more skills.

Pet Stats

Stat Description
HP Hitpoints Current/Maximum. When your pet reaches 0 HP it dies and loses 10% of its Loyalty.
Loyalty Provides bonuses and penalties to your pet's Physical Attack and EXP gains.
EXP Experience Points Current/Maximum. When your pet's EXP reaches its Maximum it will gain a level if your level is greater than its current level; otherwise it will stop earning EXP until you advance a level. Your pet will only advance its level when it is active for an EXP-giving kill. Pet's base EXP gain is 10-(PetLevel-TargetLevel) with a maximum of 10 and minimum of 0.
Physical Attack or Attack This is the amount of damage (before mitigation) done with the pet's auto attack. The value displayed in the Battle Pet Window reflects modification by Loyalty and therefore does not reflect the Base Physical Attack unless there is no Loyalty bonus.
Physical Defense or Physical Resist This is the value used to determine the pet's mitigation of Physical attacks. The %age mitigated depends on the levels of both the pet and its attacker.
Magical Defense or Magic(al) Resist This is the value used to determine the pet's mitigation of Magic attacks (Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, Wood). The %age mitigated depends on the levels of both the pet and its attacker.
Damage or Accuracy This is the value used to determine whether or not your pet hits with its auto attack.
Evade or Dodge This is the value used to determine whether or not an opponent misses with its auto attack.
Movement Speed The speed at which the pet moves.

Growth Tiers

Baby Hercules Growth Chart.png
Growth Tiers are represented visually on your pet's Growth Chart. This can be misleading, however, because the charts aren't symmetrical and only the first 7 levels are readily distinguishable. In addition, some tiers look very similar for some stats, while for others they are easily distinguished without close examination.

Each stat appears to have 10 tiers of growth rate:

Tier HP Def Evade Accuracy Regen Move Attack
1 22.50 60.00 10.00 15.00 (?) (?) (?)
2 25.00 66.67 11.11 16.67 (?) (?) (?)
3 27.50 73.33 12.22 18.33 (?) (?) (?)
4 30.00 80.00 13.33 20.00 (?) (?) (?)
5 32.50 86.67 14.44 21.67 (?) (?) (?)
6 35.00 93.33 15.56 23.33 (?) (?) (?)
7 37.50 100.00 16.67 25.00 (?) (?) (?)
8 40.00 106.67 17.78 26.66 (?) (?) (?)
9 42.50 113.33 18.89 28.33 (?) (?) (?)
10 45.00 120.00 20.00 30.00 (?) (?) (?)

Some of the values have been interpolated. Movement increases every x levels, where x is NOT linear, however x gets larger and smaller in some cases (likely caused by rounding). Data on regeneration are too sparse at the moment to make any conclusions. The change in attack scores each level is not linear but quadratic (source).

Pet Skills

Below is a listing of all of the skills a pet can learn. Skills can be learned taking the appropriate Skill Scrolls to a Pet Manager. Skills can be upgraded by using a Tame Book, purchased from Mrs. Zoologist or Zoologist Yin in Archosaur, when the pet has reached the appropriate level.

Most Skill Scrolls can be purchased from Mrs. Zoologist or Zoologist Yin, while others must be acquired from either the Auction House or other sources such as Dragon Temple.

Each skill has the following information listed:

Levels The levels at which your pet can learn/upgrade the skill.
Effects Type of effect: Formula and description. SL is the Skill Level (1 - 5).
Type The mitigation check used by the pet's target on "Damage:" effects.

As an example, Bash's information shows that the skill can be learned at level 1, upgraded by one skill level when your pet reaches levels 20, 40, 60 and 80. It also shows that at skill level 1 it deals 140% of the pet's base damage, which is then mitigated by the target's Physical Defense. For every skill level, the damage increases by 15% and caps at 200% for skill level 5.

8 Second Reuse

These are your "bash" type skills. They're very useful as your auto-skill because their quick reuse generates a lot of aggro (which represents your pet's ability to keep itself as the target).

Bash.jpg Bash
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Damage (125 + 15 * SL)% of pet's base damage.
Type Physical

Fireball.jpg Fireball
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Damage (125 + 15 * SL)% of pet's base damage.
Type Fire

Icicle.jpg Icicle
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Damage (125 + 15 * SL)% of pet's base damage.
Type Water

Sandblow.jpg Sandblow
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Damage (125 + 15 * SL)% of pet's base damage.
Type Earth

Thunderbolt.jpg Thunderbolt
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Damage (125 + 15 * SL)% of pet's base damage.
Type Metal

Toxic Mist.jpg Toxic Mist
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Damage (125 + 15 * SL)% of pet's base damage.
Type Wood

10 Second Reuse

These skills are general purpose and have reasonably quick reuse times.

Boost.jpg Boost
Levels 10, 20, 30
Heal (6 + 2 * SL)% of pet's base damage.

Shriek.jpg Shrill
Levels 10, 20, 30
Interrupt (50 + 10 * SL)% chance to interrupt target's channeling.

Slow.jpg Slow
Levels 10, 20, 30
Slow (25 + 5 * SL)% decrease to target's movement speed.

15 Second Reuse

Flesh Ream.jpg Flesh Ream (Currently does full damage in PvP)
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Damage (100 + 20 * SL)% of pet's base damage over 9 seconds.
Type Physical

Roar.jpg Roar
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Taunt Puts pet on top of the target's hate list. Higher level skill puts the pet farther ahead of the next highest on the hate list.

30 Second Reuse

The reuse time on these skills makes their seemingly great effects often less desirable than they would appear at first glance (Bash will do more damage than Sacrifice, for example).

Bloodthirst.jpg Bloodthirst
Levels 40, 60, 80.
Lifetap (10 + 5 * SL)% of Pet's max HP drained from opponent's HP to heal pet.

Bloodhunger.jpg Bloodhunger (Requires Bloodthirst 3)
Levels 80.
Lifetap (Max_HP - Current_HP)*0.50 drained from opponent's HP to heal pet.

Consume.jpg Consume
Levels 40, 60, 80.
Lifetap (10 + 5 * SL)% of Pet's max HP drained from opponent's Mana to heal pet.

Devour.jpg Devour (Requires Consume 3)
Levels 80.
Lifetap (Max_HP - Current_HP)*0.50 drained from opponent's Mana to heal pet.

Howl.jpg Howl
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Debuff (16 + 4 * SL)% Magic Defense reduction for 15s.

Penetration.jpg Penetrate
Levels 30, 45, 60, 75, 90.
Damage (200 * SL) damage immune to mitigation for SL < 4. (200 * SL + (3 - SL) * 100) damage immune to mitigation for SL >=4.

Pierce.jpg Pierce
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Debuff (16 + 4 * SL)% Physical Defense reduction for 15s.

Sacrifice.jpg Sacrifice
Levels 80.
Damage 400% of pet's base damage to target (75% of pet's current HP lost).
Type Physical

Threaten.jpg Threaten
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Debuff (16 + 4 * SL)% Physical Attack reduction for 15s.

60 Second Reuse

These skills have exceptionally long reuse timers (for normal mobs, they'll be used at most once per fight). This makes them very situational and of questionable usefulness.

Pounce.jpg Pounce (The in-game description incorrectly states that the attack rate increase depends on the success of the stun)
Levels 20, 80.
Stun & Buff 80% chance to stun enemy for 3s; (5 + 10 * SL)% increased attack rate for 15 seconds.

Tough.jpg Tough
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Buff (25 + 5 * SL)% incoming damage reduction for 15s.

Buff Skills

These are the only buffs which will affect your pet. They are all quite useful and are therefore very expensive to acquire through the auction house.

Blessing of the Pack.jpg Blessing of the Pack
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Buff (5 + 5 * SL)% increase to pet's Max HP for 1 hour.

Claw.jpg Claw
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Buff (5 + 5 * SL)% increase to pet's base physical damage for 1 hour. Additive with bonus/penalty from Loyalty (confirmation needed).

Protect.jpg Protect
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Buff (30 * SL)% increase to pet's Magic Defense for 1 hour.

Reflect.jpg Reflect
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Buff (20 + 10 * SL)% of melee damage deflected for 1 hour. As with other deflection buffs, this is applied before mitigation.

Strong.jpg Strong
Levels 1, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Buff (30 * SL)% increase to pet's Physical Defense for 1 hour.

Which Pet To Chose

It's important to have the right pet for the right job! Below are guidelines to help you chose the right kind of pet for a given situation.

Physical Tanking

Air pets are not, in general, strong physical tanks. None of the categories have good growth for this type of situation. If you plan on doing a lot of air-based combat, look to a Windwalking Piggy or Baby Blazing Phoenix.

On the ground, Magmites and Glacial Walkers have very good Physical Defense and Attack growth, allowing them to keep the mob's attention while mitigation much of the damage; magic defense is, however, quite weak. For pure physical, these really are the only choice without going to a rare or legendary pet, with the Walker being slightly better in almost every respect.

In the water, Turtles make the best pets for a physical tanking job until the Plumpfish at level 80

Magic Tanking

For the air, the Grey Waspkin group does the best, though again, look to a Windwalking Piggy or Baby Blazing Phoenix.

Carapests and Antelope have the best Magical Defense on the ground, though carapests have slightly more HP and antelope deal significantly more damage.

Frost Undines have the best Magic Defense in the water, though Water Undines and Merfolk also have substantial magical defenses.

Damage Dealing

The Blue Waspkin group provide the best attack increases of the common air pets. They all have Bash and Toxic Mist, which provide frequent DPS additions to their auto attack.

Magmites, Glacial Walkers, Scorpions and Antelope have all got good offensive growth and you may already be using one or two of these as tanks. Scorpions have the advantage of starting out at level 2, while Antelope have better speed and survivability for magic-based AoEs. Golems have a lot more HP and Regen and their physical defense allows them to absorb physical AoEs much better than the other groups, however they move very slowly and their large size can make seeing around them an issue.

There's no hands down winner in the water; stick with a Turtle or Water Undine. Turtles have better survivability, but move more slowly and tend to block your view.

Ranged Tanking

Eldergoth are really the only choice here as Cactopods die too quickly and there are no ranged pets for the air or water.


In the air, everything's about the same as far as movement, so don't take up another pet bag slot with a puller.

On land, ranged Eldergoth make decent pullers as they're likely to have Tough and Boost for their ranged tanking roles. Minkiis have reasonably good movement speed and make a decent alternative to a ranged puller; investing in a Kowlin would be a good idea once you hit level 60 if this is your preferred type of puller.

Merfolk are the fastest swimmers and make decent pullers, but again, not usually worth the pet bag slot just for pulling.


Any of the tanking pets will be your top choice here, but if you're going to invest coin in making a debuffer, invest in a rare pet for this. Situations requiring debuffs will also generally be indoors or on the ground, so don't fill up pet bag slots with air/water utility pets unless you've got the room.

Additional Resources

Some of the information for this guide was gathered and confirmed through the following sources:
PW Database
Ecatomb's fansite