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Within the game users can get together to form a faction. A faction is basically a group where users join together for common goals, companionship, economic gain, and many other reasons.

Members of a faction can communicate with each other via. their own private faction chat, and the name of their character's faction will appear above its head.

To set up a faction you will need to visit a Faction Supervisor NPC located in Archosaur (coordinates: 585 665). Once you have established one you can access the faction page by hitting the 'G' key on your keyboard.


Rules and Restrictions for Factions

Creating a Faction: First time applicants must be at least level 20 and must be able to pay 100,000 coins.

Upgrading a Faction: You can upgrade your faction's tier in order to increase the member limit of your faction.

Tier 1: 50 member limit - 100,000 coins
Tier 2: 100 member limit - 2,000,000 coins
Tier 3: 200 member limit - 10,000,000 coins

Within your faction you have the ability to promote users to higher positions within your faction. With each rank they are given additional abilities like inviting and promoting. The positions are as follows commissioner, executor, marshal, director, and leader.

All factions have a limited number of positions. The positions are: 12 executors, 4 marshals, 1 director, and 1 leader regardless of tier.

Once a faction is upgraded past level 1 the faction can no longer be disbanded. So be careful when deciding to upgrade.

Tier 3 factions can change their guild icon. See How to Get a Faction Icon for details.

Links to More Faction Info

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Guild Directories

Twilight Temple Guild Directory (West)
Etherblade Guild Directory (West)
Tideswell Guild Directory (East)
Dawnglory Guild Directory (Europe)

Inactive Guild Directory (Holding zone for inactive or unknown factions.)

OLD Server Directories (for reference)

Heaven's Tear Guild Directory
Lost City Guild Directory
Raging Tide Guild Directory
Sanctuary Guild Directory