Divine Emissary of Light

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The Divine Emissary of Light will give up to 2 Divine Contracts per day to characters level 20-50 who are carrying a Divine Order of the Light, which is the only permanent Divine Order, and is obtained from General Summer. These Divine Contracts are quests to kill a certain number of monsters, kill a boss or gather some materials, and as rewards you will receive experience, spirit, and for the hardest ones, a Divine Honor of the Light.


Divine Emissary of Light locations:

City Coordinates
Etherblade 444 892
City of the Lost 246 645
Archosaur 523 632

550 636

City of the Plume 325 425
City of Raging Tides 657 128
Tellus City 378 219
Dreamweaver Port 667 370


You may craft runes at the Divine Emissary of Light if you have learned Runecrafting. Level 1 (Shabby) runes require 5 Wuhsing Stones and 4 Common Shards of the appropriate type, higher level runes require higher level chi stones and more or higher level shards, up to Level 7 (Flawless) runes which require 10 Perfect Stones and 3 Beautiful Shards.