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The Cube of Fate is a static dungeon that every character can enter upon reaching level 40. Each character can only complete the Cube once per day. You can enter the Cube of Fate by talking to the Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup in any of the main cities. It is recommend for characters to be at least level 70. Lower levels characters have a disadvantage in particular rooms, such as room 14 and 34 where you must kill another player to proceed.

Cube of Fate works like a board game, where you roll a die to determine the next room you will land in. Each room has a different task you must finish and at the end of each task completed you're given a die. Simply right-click the die to move forward that number of rooms. Ex: if you are in room 10 and roll a 2, you will be teleported to room 12 by using the die. You're rewarded experience, spirit and other treasures upon reaching room 50. Rooms 50-60 are intended for higher level players, have a different method of progression, give different rewards, and are more expensive than the previous rooms.



EXP, Spirit, and Rewards Table
Level Experience Spirit Rewards
40-49 220,000 44,000 Cube Crate
50-59 275,000 55,000 Cube Crate
60-69 330,000 66,000 Cube Crate
70-79 385,000 77,000 Cube Crate
80-89 440,000 88,000 Cube Crate
90+ 1,000,000 230,000 Cube Crate, Lottery Key, *Page of Fate

'*Many rooms give you book credit cards which you can either trade for old book pages (for level 92 skills) or fate pages (level 99 skills). You only get book cards at level 96+ !!!

Other room-specific prizes:

Golden Box (10% chance to win 1 million coins)

Platinum Box (2% chance to win 5 million coins)

Mysterious Chip (up to 5 per room, 20 a day max)

Sundries Pack (60% 3 Mirage Celestones / 20% 10 Dice Tickets / 14% 2 Do-All Cards / 5% Ecstasy Card / 1% Excitement Card)

Cube Crate (95% Mirage Celestone / 5% Badge of Dexterity)

Robber Card and Bully Card (disappear if you exit the cube)

Starting Cube of Fate as business
Note: You are gonna have to do 2 runs at once, so this is what you need for TWO runs. What you need:
- 25+ Do All Cards
- 25+ Crab Meat
- For the first 2 runs, 1 COF Directorate Secret Letter, since you can do you first run for free, after the first two runs you need 2 of them.
How to get those COF Directorate Secret Letters? - You can get free ones if you have 5000+ Prestige in the Luminance Order. You can make them from Celestial Insignia's at every Mailbox. Each COF Directorate Secret Letter costs 8 Celestial Insignia's + 120k coins. Each Insignia is around 100k coins( if bought from players) + the 120k => you spend around 1,000,000 for each COF Directorate Secret Letter. Why do you need those COF Directorate Secret Letters? - These are the items that actually allow you to challenge the Cube of Fate more than once per day.

Here is how to do it: Start the first Cube of Fate run. Reach room 50. Get a Disabled Cog of Fate. Return to room 1. Without losing any time, speak to the Cube of Fate Shrong NPC in the first room and take his quest. Go speak to the Room 1 Teleport Master and start the second run. You have 1 hour to reach room 60, since the Disabled Cog of Fate you got in room 50 has a time limit of 60 minutes. Don't worry, it takes less than 30 minutes to reach room 50. This time, go speak to the Cube of Fate Trong NPC in this room an take the Disabled Cog of Fate again. You have 30 minutes to complete the Advanced Cube of Fate challenge, because when you reach room 60 there is a delay of 30 minutes between each time you can repair a Disabled Cog of Fate. Anyway, after you reach room 60, *Automatically sort your inventory*, then speak to the NPC at the middle and repair one of your Disabled Cogs of Fate. Don't worry, it will repair the one with less time remaining if you automatically sort your bag. Then wait for 30 minutes and repair your second Disabled Cog of Fate.

What you win by doing cube following this strategy:
- 2 Rotating Cogs of Fate (I sell them for 3,000,000+ coins each to players)
- 1+ Lucky Cube Game Coin (Can be turned into Do all Cards, each coin = 2 Do all Cards meaning that each coin is worth at least 150,000 coins) , or if you save up 79, and exchange them for a necklace that can't be traded, but can be turned into 6 Rotating Cogs of Fate - at least 18,000,000 coins ( this way each coin is worth at least 227,000 coins)
- Book Credit Cards - 10 can be turned into one Old Book Page or Page of Fate, meaning one Book Credit Card is worth at least 7,000(don't worry you will most likely get 10+ from each Advanced Cube run)
What you win in coins: 2 COF Directorate Letters - less than 2,000,000 coins

                      25 do all cards - Roughly 1,750,000 coins if made by Tokens of Luck
Crab Meat - less than 250,000 coins

At all you LOSE roughly 4,500,000. (This is after UNLUCKY runs).
So you win at least 1,500,000 coins by each two runs. Note that you can do it all day, non stop >:D (it's what i started doing after discovered it).
I hope you like this add to the page and enjoy your business!!

What do I need?

Special Note: It is advisable to have enough room for at least 2 quests in your quest log (20 quests maximum) or you will get jammed up in a room or not receive a cube in your inventory if you die (check your quest log).

Required to Enter Cube:

  1. Level 40+
  2. Duty Badge to trade for 1 Puzzle Cube

NOTE: The Cube does have a minor glitch once in awhile where it doesn't give you a cube in your inventory to start over again. Keep an extra Duty Badge in your inventory to prevent this from happening.

Recommended: (enough for most worst-case scenarios)

  1. 50+ Dice Tickets (Trading Mysterious Chips for dice tickets is usually the cheapest source due to chip sales.)
  2. 600,000+ coins (Most of this can be made back quickly with a profit by selling rewards to other players.). 2,000,000 if you plan to do advanced cube.
  3. 40+ Do-All Cards (Must be manufactured from tokens)
  4. 10+ Crab Meat Jiaozi (Level 75+: for HP recovery in continuous damage rooms.)


  1. Genie with Holy Path and either Second Wind or Tree of Protection
  2. Bully/Robber Cards (If you don't have Do-All Cards.)
  3. Teleport Incense (Only necessary if the Town Portal skill is in cooldown or is too slow for escape. Will return you to "Fates Beginning" if you need to bail out of a room. Available in the Boutique, 10 for 90 Silver.)
  4. Guardian Charm (If you aren't level 75+ so can't use Herb Yuanxiao, though helpful in room 47.)

Cube of Fate Directorate Letter

If you have a CoF Directorate Secret Letter you can now turn in the letter to Cube of Fate Shrong in Room 1 and complete the Cube of Fate one additional time during that day.

Quick Guide:

  1. Give the Cof Directorate Secret Letter to Shrong in Room 1.
  2. Shrong will then give you a new Puzzle Cube.
  3. With the appropriate Dice Ticket and Puzzle Cube, speak to the Teleport Master in Room 1.
  4. Progress to Room 50.
  5. Speak to Trong in Room 50 to receive your reward and gain access to the Lottery Cube Rooms.
  6. Progress to Room 60.
  7. Speak to the Cube of Fate CEO in Room 60 to receive your prize.

How to do each room

Color Key:

  • Super Easy Rooms
  • Easy Rooms
  • Medium Rooms
  • Hard Rooms
  • Warnings


  • Each room will consume one dice ticket, which can be bought from other players or crafted out of Mirage Celestones in Room 1. Where the guide says 'gives you a die', this will only happen if you have a die ticket to be consumed. If you run out of dice tickets, you will have to abort your run.

Rooms 1-10

Room 1 - Fate Beginning

In the middle of the room, there is a NPC you can talk to trade one duty badge for a puzzle cube. Players often set up cat shops here selling various cube items, such as mirages, bully and robber cards. Next to the middle NPC is a forge, where you can trade one mirage for two dice tickets. You can talk to the middle NPC again, and you will be given a die in your inventory, which you can use to move on in the cube. The NPC Shrong (for the Secret Letter) is in the upper right corner of this room.


Room 2 - Chest of Mystery

In this room there is a field of chests in the middle of the room. The NPC will ask you to open 5 chests. After opening 5 chests, you will be awarded a die.

Room 3 - Slaughterhouse

There is a herd of monsters in the middle of the room. The NPC will ask you to kill 5 monsters within your level range. After killing 5 monsters, you'll be given a die. There is no time limit.

Mob Range Table
Level Level of Mob
60-69 65
70-79 75
80-89 85
90+ 95

Note: Monsters are not aggressive.

Room 4 - Mice Bashing

Mobs are "?" level, but don't be afraid to hit them, they die in one hit and do very little damage! Kill 10 of these, get a die.

Mobs do not aggro

Note: Best place to level Venomancer pets.

Room 5 - Count the Apples

Grab the quest, you will be ask to count one color of balls in your quest log. Run to the corner, BUT NOT ALL THE WAY, you will miss some balls if you stand directly in the corner. So walk far enough so that you can see the balls in the opposite corner. Once you're position, hit Alt+H and zoom out as much as you can, then count the color balls. Be patient, and keep counting until you're confident in your answer. This room usually has 7-11 of each color balls.

You can sometimes tell the answer from the available choices using the following table.

Cheat Sheet
Choices Answer
white 11, 10, 9 11
white 10, 8, 9 random
blue 9, 10, 8 8
blue 9, 10, 11 either 9 or 11
red 7, 8, 9 random

Room 6 - Open Sesame

There's a boss in the middle of the room that you need to kill. He has a ton of HP but weak attack. He does an AOE that does 50-100 damage every other second, but that's the only spell he casts. Once the boss dies, you have 20 seconds to talk to the NPC to get your die.

Tip: Try logging in and out every 10 minutes whenever you get to this room. It's a hassle to kill him solo, so keep logging back in until there is someone else in the room, and if you're lucky the boss will almost be dead already!

Warning: This room is PVP enabled. Don't accidentally hit other players with AOEs. If you don't want to get hit by accident, move to one of the corners.

Room 7 - Have a Listen

Talk to the butterfly, and then run pass the two mobs on the left side of the wall. All other mobs will kill in 1 shot if you approach them. Then go over to the NPC on the right corner to get your die. This room never changes.

Diagram of the Room

Tip: NPCs now have an indicator on wether or not they are agressive (yellow shield for passive, red swords for agressive). You can see which NPCs are safe, they will have the yellow shield if you select them.

Room 8 - Try your Luck

Pay the NPC 1 dice ticket and 100K, open 10 Chest then get a die and a golden box. Golden box can either give you either a sadness card (90%) or ecstasy card (10%).

Sadness card sell for 1 coin

Ecstasy card sells for 1 million.

Room 9 - 100 Second Stand

Go into a room and survive for 100 seconds then get a die. You will spawn near the center of the room.

There are 4 roaming mobs and 1 center mob. The 4 roaming mobs must aggro you to damage you, center mob does constant room aoe physical damage, he does about 300 per hit.

Tips and Strategies

For clerics: (I play a cleric)

  1. Cast 4 IHs
  2. Talk to the NPC to start challenge
  3. Cast Plume Shell
  4. Be teleported to the challenge room, use HOLY PATH and run to the corner. (You'll probably grab one roaming mob)
  5. Cast IH
  6. Kill a mob (They die in 1-3 hits)
  7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6.

For Barbarians: (I never played a barb before, but from what I've seen)

  1. Go in Kitty form.
  2. Talk to NPC and teleport in.
  3. Run in a circle around the room.
  4. Cast tree of protection to heal yourself, and use other healing aids if needed. (roaming mobs too slow to catch up to you).

For Venomancers:

  1. Go into fox form.
  2. Talk to NPC and teleport in.
  3. Run in a circle around the room.
  4. Use tree of protection to heal yourself, and use other healing aids if needed. (roaming mobs are too slow to catch up to you).
  5. You can also use the fox skill 'leech life' to good effect on the wandering monsters.

Other classes:

  1. Cast buffs or whatever that will keep you alive.
  2. Talk to NPC to teleport yourself inside
  3. Cast HOLY PATH and run to the corner
  4. Kill mobs off you.
  5. Use anything that keeps you alive.


  1. Wait for someone to come inside this room.
  2. Let this person teleport inside the room
  3. Wait 90-95 seconds
  4. Talk to NPC and enter the room
  5. Run to corner
  6. Kill any mob that attacks you.

What does this do? Well by doing this trick, the room resets the second the other person you waited for leaves the challenge room. Once he leaves the room, the middle mob will stop attacking you, cause it resets the room, as if there is no one in the room. So the only mobs that will hit you will be the adds, and not the center mob. Once you kill the adds, nothing will attack you. This tricks is used for those who can not survive these 100 sec rooms, especially room 47. The only way the middle mob will attack you again, is if a 3rd person enters the room when you're inside to reactivate it.

Note people can pk you in this room.

Room 10 - Bombs Away!

You have 10 minutes to reach room 17 to defuse the bomb.


Just pray you don't get room 14.

Rooms 11-20

Room 11 - Bored...

Talk to the middle NPC and then wait 3 minutes to get your die.

Tips: Run to the corner... if anyone runs close to you, log out, and wait 3 minutes. This room is PK enabled, so better safe than sorry. I know it's a cowards way out, but it gets rid of the risk of getting PKed!

Room 12 - Choice of Fate

Talk to the NPC, and receive a random charm looking thing, and move either 4 rooms forward or 1 backwards.

Room 13 - Squad of Six

Good Luck finding 5 other people, I would just pay the 3 dice tickets to pass to get your die.

Room 14 - I don't wanna leave

PK room, either kill another player or be killed. There are mobs in the corner that debuff your HP by 90% but don't attack and there is a ball in the center that does AoE physical damage if anyone approaches it.

If you get killed, you have to start cube over. If you kill another player, a NPC will pop in the opposite corner from where you enter. You have 20 seconds to talk to this NPC to get your dice. You have 20 minutes to kill someone before you fail, or pay 4 do-all cards to pass. If you don't feel like being in the room and just want to start over, go to the plant to debuff yourself and then go to middle ball to kill yourself.

Note: Charms are active in this room, also the kitty little thing when you first enter the room heals everyone within its radius. Kill it, to make other players easier to kill. The healing mob also reveals assassins in stealth (so does the middle ball AoE), so be wary of a sin attack when you enter if the healer is dead.

Room 15 - Mystical Messenger

Kill 1-5 mobs in 1 minute. For each mob you kill you get 1 mysterious chip. (You're only allowed to do this once a day. No worries; there's 3 other rooms exactly like this one.)

If you go over 1 minute before talking to the NPC again, you're not awarded any mysterious chips and get teleported back to room 1.

Room 16 - Fight the Demon

Option 1.

Kill level 150 mob with 160k HP. If you are high level it's easy to kill with pots or charms, however, it's usually not worth of doing it.

Option 2.

Pay 3 dice tickets to move on. Often the better option, because Mysterious Chip sales have made Dice Tickets very cheap.

Room 17 - Ecstasy or Sadness

Same as room 8

Pay 100K and one dice ticket. Then open 10 chests and get a golden box.

Golden boxes may contain an Ecstasy or Sadness Card.

Room 18 - Not enough Yet

Upon entering the room, you're given 9 Robber cards, but you need 10 to Pass. If you don't have 10, just teleport out and start over or wait for someone else to enter and try to trade for one of their cards, or buy one from a catshop if there is one set up. If you do have 10, you can trade them in and get a die.

To make Robber Card from Do-All cards, just talk to the NPC there and pick "Exchange option". It costs just one to make it.

(Look at bottom of page to make this into cash profit).

Note: Robber Cards disappear upon leaving cube.

Room 19 - Happy Hold Up

My favorite room; talk to the npc and he gives you 5 free dice tickets and a die!

Room 20 - Another choice of Fate

Much like room 12

Either move 5 forward or 2 backwards.

Rooms 21-30

Room 21 - Beast Hunter


You have 2 minutes to kill 2 mobs within your level range. These mobs will life tap you, so the faster you can kill them the easier it is. So I recommend you have maximum chi before starting the challenge. You'll get your die the second you kill the 2nd mob, if you do not kill them within 2 minutes, you will be teleported out.

Note: Mobs do not aggro.

Room 22 - Mystical Messenger

Much like room 15.

Kill 1-5 mobs in 1 minute. For each mob you kill you get 1 mysterious chip. (You're only allowed to do this once a day. No worries; there are 3 other rooms exactly like this one.) Be sure to talk to the NPC before the minute is up!!

This is a PK enabled room.

Room 23 - Real or Fake

  1. Talk to the NPC to teleport you to another room.
  2. Talk to the NPC in that room to start challenge.
  3. Kill one of the ugly monsters in the middle. All mobs look the same, but some are easier to kill than others. Tip: If you aggro a hard one and don't want to kill it, you can talk to the NPC to be teleported back to room 23 and then try again.

Monsters hit based on your level:

Mob Range Table
Level Damage
60-69 800
70-79 1200
80-89 1700

(These statistics are based on my cleric)

Room 24 - Consequence

Depending on whatever the last person who did this task chooses, you must open either 5..., 20... or 100... chests. When you're done, you can set the number of chests the next person who lands in the room has to open. Be nice and just set it to 5. Tip: If the room is set to 100 cards and there is someone already in there, don't accept the quest and you can log out and try back later. If you don't want to wait, you can begin digging chests without accepting the quest. This way, once the other person finishes you can accept the 5 card quest (if he picks that one) and already have them dug. Otherwise, if you accept the 100 card quest, you will have to pick 100 cards even if someone changes it to 5. Extra cards are no-drop can be sold to an NPC for 0 coin to get them out of your inventory. Note: If you're a really nice person and the room is set to 100 cards with someone already digging them, you can completely fill up your inventory and help them dig the rest of their cards. How does this work? When your inventory is completely full (no spaces available whatsoever), anything you pick up that is supposed to go into it will drop to the ground. So any cards you get will drop on the ground for the other person to pick up. This make their digging time much faster so that you can get out of there faster and continue on with the rest of the rooms.

Room 25 - Dragon Gate


This room is a joke compared to its counterpart. Pretty much talk to the dead guy to start the challenge. Then go to the opposite corner of the room while dodging the exploding circles of doom. Talk to the NPC and get a die.

Room 26 - Death Judge

Talk to the NPC to start the challenge.

  1. Attack the middle mob with a ranged attack; he's super slow.
  2. Run to the corner.
  3. Wait for him to get somewhat close.
  4. Run around him (Holy Path works great for this) and then to the middle.
  5. You can open up to 2 chests before he can kill you. You can even open three chests if you let the mob get close enough before running around him with a speed buff (90% works for sure).
  6. Rinse and repeat steps 1-5, until you have looted 5 chests.
  7. Get a die and get out!

Room 27 - Try and Listen EX


So this room changes unlike room 7. It can generate up to three different pathways.

  1. Talk to the butterfly.
  2. Turn up volume to max.
  3. Tap your walk button.
  4. If you hear fire, then that means it can kill you.
  5. If no noise, it is harmless. Just pass two rows, and you're free...
PATH 5 (*Needs review)

Veno trick

  1. Send pet to attack mob.
  2. Don't let pet attack, but halt him when he gets close.
  3. If mob kills pet, it can kill you if you're close.

Run trick If you don't want to, or simply can't listen:

  1. Take a position in front of row of mobs closest to right wall - it grants you shortest way to the exit NPC.
  2. Use some kind of anti-stun and Ironguard Powder (level 6 apothecary potion which can be crafted at some officers or bought from shops) after. This will make you immune to all damage for 12 seconds while still being able to walk.
  3. Run as fast as possible to NPC to get your dice (use speed skills or Holy Path).

This is better suited for classes which have skills which increase movement speed and/or give anti-stun effect. If character lacks of both (for example clerics), they will have difficulty doing it, because it requires genie with 195 energy to do so (Fortify+Holy Path).

Tip: NPCs now have an indicator on wether or not they are agressive (yellow shield for passive, red swords for agressive). You can see which NPCs are safe, they will have the yellow shield if you select them.

Room 28 - Count the Apples EX

Much like Room 5 (Look up strategy at room 5)

The only difference is that there is more balls of each color, usually 11-17. Just Pan 180 degrees and then look behind you to see if there any balls. Once you think you have the right number submit your answer.

You can almost always know the correct answer by looking at the choices the teleport master gives you using the following cheat sheet.

Cheat Sheet
Choices Answer
white 10 , 9 , 11 11
white 10 , 8 , 9 10
white 10 , 8 , 11 10
blue 9 , 14 , 12 12
blue 11 , 10 , 12 12
blue 13 , 14 , 15 14
red 14 , 13 , 12 12
red 13 , 14 , 15 14
red 12 , 11 , 10 either 11 or 12

Room 29 - Slaughterhouse EX

Same as room 3. Kill 5 mobs within your level range. They life drain in this room, however, there is no time limit.

Room 30 - 100 Second Stand EX

Use the same strategies as room 9. The only difference is the middle mob does more damage(about 500), and there are more roaming monsters.

Rooms 31-40

Room 31 - Mystical Messenger

Much like room 15 and 22.

Kill 1-5 mobs in 1 minute. For each mob you kill, you get 1 mysterious chip. (You're only allowed to do this once a day. No worries; there are 3 other rooms exactly like this one.)

Room 32 - Very Bored...

Same as room 11, but you have to wait 5 minutes. Use the same strategies as room 11 to be safe.

This is a PK enabled room.

Room 33 - Monster Trapper


Kill 2 mobs in 2 minutes; they life drain. Use the same strategy as room 21.

This is a PK enabled room.

Room 34 - Steadfast

PK room, much like room 14, only the kitty looking thing at the beginning heals you for more and the ball in the middle does more damage. Kill, be killed, or pay 4 do-all cards for a die. If you're killed you must start the cube over. If you kill another player, an NPC will spawn in the opposite corner from which you entered. There, you will be able to get your die.

Advice for high level clerics: Ball in middle does lot of damage, which can help you to kill people who arrive. Kill the kitty NPC, stack IH yourself, and then aggro the ball. Keep healing yourself until someone comes. Ball hits everyone in room (including stealthed sins, forcing them out of it). With your attacks, it gives you huge advantage against your enemy.

Room 35 - Life Diverged... Again

Get a token that either moves you 6 rooms forward or 3 backwards.

This is a PK enabled room.

Room 36 - Crazy Chest

Like room 2; open 10 chests and get a die.

This is a PK enabled room.

Room 37 - Great Luck

Pay 200k coins for a sundries pack and a die.

Sundries packs can contain 1-3 mirages, 5-10 dice tickets, 2 do all cards, 1 ecstasy card, or 1 excitement card.

Room 38- Dragon Gate EX


Much like room 25, but this one has evil little bugs that walk around. These bugs can kill you in one hit. This room is very tough if you don't have holy path or something that increases your speed.

Be sure to talk to the NPC before running...


Option 1

You can hug the right wall and go to the corner. To do this, you want to wait at the beginning until you see a bug pass by and go down the right wall (the one you want to follow stops, and turns around). You need to follow the bug down the right wall (sticking close to the wall) while avoiding the hands. Get into the corner; as far into the corner as you can get. The bug will not get you if you are in the corner. Then wait for the bug that passes closest to the corner to pass by in the opposite direction (towards where you came from) and rush to the finish on holy path. There should be no bugs in the way. You may need to wait in the corner for your genie to recharge fully if you rely on holy path, the corner is a safe area.

Option 2

If you have holy path or a speed potion, just run through the middle to the other corner. Hands explode extremely slowly, so you can usually pass them if you don't see a hand in the circle. Also, if you have holy path, you can aggro the bugs, and you'll be too fast for them to catch up or even hit you. If one aggros, go straight for the corner where the NPC is and go as far into it as you can. That usually de-aggros the mobs because it shows you as in another room. Just pan around for incoming bugs and run run run!

This is a PK enabled room.

Room 39 - Consequence II

Much like room 24. Dig 5, 20, or 100 chests.

Room 40 - Sadness or Ecstasy

Pay 100k and open 10 chests. Get a platinum box and a die.

Platinum boxes are much like golden boxes, but you have a chance to win 5 million instead.

Rooms 41-50

Room 41 - Squad of three

Option 1

Either wait for 2 other people to come and join your group, however if there is already someone there, might as well wait.

Option 2

Pay 10 dice tickets. Recommended.

Room 42 - Mysterious messenger

Much like room 15, 22, 31

Kill 1-5 mobs in 1 minute. For each mob you kill you get 1 mysterious chip. (You're only allowed to do this once a day. No worries; there 3 other rooms exactly like this one.)

Room 43 - Take down the demon

You need a squad to kill him (unless you're a veno with a herc or a high-level pet).

Option 1.

Form a squad to kill the monster.

Option 2.

Pay 10 dice tickets. Recommended.

Room 44 - Bomber Mania

A time bomb is attached to you and you get a die. You must reach room 50 in 10 minutes or less. Talk to the NPC in room 50 to diffuse the bomb.

Room 45 - Open sesame...Please?

Much like room room 6. Kill the mob to pass or wait for someone to join you.

TIP If you landed in room 44 before, just log out (the timer freezes) and then log back in until someone is there to help you kill it. Should take about 2-5 minutes with 2 people killing him (depending on your levels).

WARNING This is a PK enabled area, be careful if you use AOEs in your attacks, as they can accidentally hit players. People don't like to die this close to finishing!

Room 46 - Still Not Enough

You're given 9 bully cards upon entering, you need 10 to pass. If you bought that Bully Card listed under what you need above, then you can freely pass. However if you did not, you can teleport out and start over, wait for someone and hope they sell you a card, or buy one from a catshop if there is one setup.

If you have at least 2 Do-All cards, you can exchange them for a Bully Card by choosing option "Exchange".

Room 47 - Last Stand

Like room 9 and 30, however the middle mob does 500-800 damage and there are a lot more roaming mobs. You can also pay 8 do-all cards to pass.

I can survive this room with ease on my cleric; she only has 1900 health. However, it is much more difficult with other classes. Just follow my strategies I posted for the previous 100 seconds in room 9.

However, to ensure living for clerics, I would recommend not trying to kill any of the mobs and just spam IH and tree of protection to heal yourself once you're in the corner.

Room 48 - Chest Unlocker Hardcore

Open 15 chests and get a die.

This is a PK enabled room.

Room 49 - Prize Raid


Once you start the challenge, you're given 2 minutes to kill as many mobs as you can (a maximum of 20 mobs). For each mob you kill, you get 5k exp. If you go over 2 minutes before talking to the NPC again, you have to start the cube over and no exp will be rewarded to you. So don't be too greedy.

Room 50 - Fates END

Talk to the center NPC and YOU WIN! You get your exp, spirit and a cube crate.

Rooms 51-60

Rooms 51-60 instead of getting dice you get either rabbit or turtle cards. Rabbit moves you forward two rooms, turtle moves you forwards only one.

* Advanced Cube is not difficult, but not worth it till level 96+

* You MUST be prepared to spend 1-2 million every time you do these rooms, as they each cost money to do.

*** IF you take the Reward Pack in Room 50, you can get the Lottery Coin upon reaching room 60. IF you take the Mysterious Cog option, you will receive the Cog in Room 60 upon completion. Just remember, IF you take the second option, you DO NOT get EXP from having done the Cube. Your reward is the Cog. Therefore, if you fail to get to Room 60, you get nothing but the Credit Book Pages you have picked up along the way.

So....Here you are!!

After finishing cube (room 50) you get a lottery ticket and get teleported into another room where u can choose to continue doing cube rooms 51-60. You don't get dice anymore, but cards:

Turtle card teleports you one room forward,
Rabbit card teleports you two rooms forward.

Each room will charge you an amount of money as you take the quest.

Many rooms give you book credit cards which you can either trade for old book pages (for level 92 skills) or fate pages (level 99 skills). You only get book cards at level 96+ !!!

As a reward for finishing advanced cube you get lottery coins which can be traded for cube necklace (see furnace in room 1).

Room 51: pay 150k, 1 book card

This game is split in 2 parts:

- Kill 6 mobs: They have a life drain attack that gives them a lot of HP back, so try to stun/knockback/seal/whatever to keep them from attacking...You have 6 minutes to complete this and then will be ported to the next room.

- Chess: Its actually like Sudoku: you need to activate all pillars in certain colors, so that there is always only 1 ball of one color in each row and diagonal. (My favorite room)

TIP ---> Find the one row that only needs 1 color to be filled in, then start the quest. This is timed but VERY doable in 5 minutes.

WARNING A single failure kicks you back to room 1 of the cube and you will not be able to get back to the advanced cube section, so don't select something at random to change later!

Here are the set ups you can get. The red text is what you need to fill in.

BOARD 1 (All Greens given)
Violet Yellow Blue Green White
Yellow Green White Blue Violet
White Blue Yellow Violet Green
Blue Violet Green White Yellow
Green White Violet Yellow Blue

BOARD 2 (4 Violets given Scenario A)
White Green Yellow Violet Blue
Violet Blue Green Yellow White
Blue Yellow Violet White Green
Yellow White Blue Green Violet
Green Violet White Blue Yellow

BOARD 3 (All Whites given)
Blue Yellow Green White Violet
Green White Violet Blue Yellow
Violet Blue Yellow Green White
Yellow Green White Violet Blue
White Violet Blue Yellow Green

BOARD 4 (4 Violets given Scenario B)
Yellow Green White Violet Blue
Violet Blue Green White Yellow
Blue White Violet Yellow Green
White Yellow Blue Green Violet
Green Violet Yellow Blue White

Room 52: pay 150k, 4 book cards or 1 lottery coin

This game consists of 5 rooms, with one mob in each room. You basically get 1 book card and 5k exp for every Boss you kill.

You MUST kill each Boss within 12 minutes.

If you want to do this:

Kill mob 1-4. = 4 book cards

In the room of the 5th mob (Ultimate Devil Lord) talk to the NPC and choose the 2nd option (something like "I would rather stop" or so). Then you get 4 cards, get teleported and get your next turtle/rabbit.

1st: melee mob. (hits about 1.3k on a level 98 robe)
2nd-4th: water magic mob. (hits about 1k on a level 98 robe)
5th: some life drain mob...Better suited for venos (see below)

Most only do mob 1-4 to get the cards since the last mob is said to be too hard.

5th boss: Lifeleech range attack, casts it everytime fighting it in ranged combat. In meele combat like every 2nd or 3rd attack.
If you are a Veno = Room should be much easier. The last Boss you fight will hit for about the same as Blackhole, if you cannot tank Blackhole = you may not be able to tank this Ultimate Devil Lord.

Room 53: pay 150k, 2 book cards

Soccer game. You are supposed to bring the glowing football into the goal, then dig a chest.

Problem: mobs aggro on you and hit you (like 1.3k on level 98 Arcane).

How to do as a mage:

Mages see that no mobs are around the football and the ball is close to the goal. Try not to have anything selected (like an NPC or mob), then go close to the football. It will aggro on you and attack you with some useless attack, but you get it selected automatically (you cannot click on it, but you can tab-select it). Seal it so it runs into the goal, dig chest, complete room.

When complete = 2 book cards

TIP If the chest you need to dig does not appear, kick the ball in the goal again. It appears when the ball is kicked in the goal.

TIP If the defending NPCs aggrod you and you can't kill them, lure / knockback them into the goal. That kills them.

Room 54: pay 100k, reward: none

A Lottery Room.

You basically pay 100k and if you are lucky you get a reward.

If you get all 3 the same color you win a lottery coin.

If you get one of each color you win 300k. Everything else just takes your money!

Once you are done you get a turtle or rabbit card. No book credit cards from this room.

Room 55: pay 150k+, reward: none

You pay 150k to buy a ticket. You then have a chance to win:
1st prize: 990,000 coins
2nd prize: 660,000 coins
3rd prize: 330,000 coins (most common reward)

Once you turn in your ticket you get a turtle or rabbit card and your prize if you win. No book credit cards from this room.

Warning: There is very annoying bug in this room which makes you pay a lot more coins. It's around 500k and you usually don't win, so it's a confusing money drainer. If you don't end up in this room, it's a lucky run for you.

Room 56: pay 150k, reward: 2 book cards

This game is called "Find the Brother" and consists of 4 rooms.

In each room there are portals that bring you to another, or back to the same, room.

You need to find your quest NPC in any of these rooms and then report back to the first one.

Ported in random room with 12 holes - Check the coordinates right when you are ported in, not at NPC.

Room for get mission and pass mission: 448,659-----Room A

Other Rooms:

448,639-----Room B
1st row 1st hole to C
1st row 3rd hole to D
2nd row 1st hole to E
2nd row 3rd hole to A

438,659-----Room C
1st row 1st hole to E
1st row 2nd hole to D

438,649-----Room D
1st row 2nd hole to C

438,639-----Room E
1st row 1st hole to C
1st row 2nd hole to D
2nd row 2nd hole to B

*** You must get back to Room A. Therefore you must navigate yourself through the other rooms (using the coordinates) to port yourself back. It really is easier than it looks and sounds.

Once you complete this room and turn in the quest you get 2 book credit cards and either a turtle or rabbit card.

Easy to follow guide The above link leads to a spreadsheet that will guide anyone who is confused through how to get through this room.

TIP The game always seems to kick you to room D at first, so you can always follow a fixed path of: Row 1, Hole 2 - Row 1, Hole 1 - Row 2, Hole 2 - Row 2, Hole 3. It takes you past all the rooms so you will always meet the NPC you have to talk to.

Room 57: pay 150k, reward: 2 book credit cards

Basically you run around the outside of this room looking for the NPC that has the quest. You pay 150k to start the quest and then must talk to the various NPCs 3 more times.

To complete this room simply run around the outside of the room and check each NPC to see if it has the quest. If it does turn it in and find the next one (it can be on the same NPC if you are lucky).

Note: You can check quest NPC simply by looking in your quest log. Click on sub-quest "First Try" and you will see direction of next NPC.

What do the balls do? Yellow = stun, Green = slow, Red = 35% of your life total in damage.

It's strongly recommend that you to stick to walls, otherwise you can meet 2-3 red balls at once and die easily.

TIP If you see several red balls coming, DO NOT use Tree of Protection. It raises your life total but lowers your life percentage at first, making it easier for red balls to kill you. Your HP count doesn't matter, red balls take a percentage of your life.

Room 58: pay 150k, reward: 2 book credit cards

PK Enabled

When you first portal into the room you should get a lottery invitation. You need to use this to pick up the quest. You have 2 choices here:

- If you have 10 do-all cards you can pick the quest (2nd one) to instantly pass.

- If you do not then you will take the first quest and get a 'cube tag'. This tag will always drop upon death and you need 2 to pass.

Recommendation: if you are doing cube is to do advanced cube everyday and only take the 'cog' quest if you have a cube tag (or 10 do-all cards) you can take with you. If you get this room and you are not on the quest (hence have no cube tag), then take the quest and get the tag. Portal back to room one and give it to an alt. You are done for today.

If you have the tag with you take the quest and complete it to continue moving forward.

Room 59: pay 200k or 600k, reward: nothing or 3 book credit cards.

Okay so this one is a choice. If you have lots of money this room is your best friend. Here's how it works.

Pay 200k and you get sent back to any room 51 - 58 and have to work your way forward again. This will let you farm more Book Credit Cards.

Pay 600k and you get sent to room 60 and get 3 book credit cards for your trouble.

Room 60: Pay Nothing Reward: Lottery Coin

Make sure you take the 'cog' quest before you take the completion quest otherwise you might get ported back before you have a chance to take the 'cog' quest. Also, upon taking the cog quest you will automatically get another quest that is a 30 minute countdown before you can turn in another cog. If you're in Luminance, you can run again to obtain another cog. Luminance, be sure to pick up your CoF letter from Nexus if you plan on running again.

Tips to make your money back

1.Robber Cards

If you ever land in room 18, you're awarded 9 Robber cards. You can simply teleport and sell the robber cards. The room is absolute profit. On my server they sell for 25-30K a card, and mirages are about 20-22K. It takes only like 4-8 dice tickets just to get to this room. So lets do the math!

9 Robber Cards X 25K = 225K

8 Dice tickets = 4 Mirages = 4 X 20K = 80K

225K - 80K =145 K in profit!

2. Don't open those golden boxes!

Golden boxes have a probability to get you 1 million coins. However I have awful luck, so I never actually open mine. Instead, I sell them for 200-250K and people buy them quite quickly on my server. It only cost you 100K to get them, so might as well make some profit right? So you can make 100-150K profit from these boxes, or if you're feeling lucky, you can open them.... But to ensure profit I would just sell them. (Most only pay 150k for them now)

3. Platinum boxes are so nice.

I usually sell my platinum boxes for 400-550K, and heck you only paid 200K just to get one! So thats an instant 200-350K profit off the bat if you sold it. Or you can gamble and try to get the 5 million. Cashshop packs give better rewards for the same cost. (best of luck selling this high most only pay 250k wich is only 50k more but worth it)

4. Evil little Bully Cards

So room 46 is an evil room for those who don't have bully cards. And you'll be amazed at how much people will simply pay for one of those bully cards when they're so close to the end of the cube. You can set up a shop in the bully room and sell them for 200-500k a pop. I usually sell em for 300K if I feel like making money instead. If you have the time, then you can set your shop up all day long in there, and people will eventually buy from you. You can make an easy 2 million doing this. If you want, you can always sell them for 75-90K in room 1; they'll sell really fast.

Cost to go through all of cube is probably somewhere around 200K-300K in mirages, so why start over, when you can buy a bully card? The only room people could potentially die in after this one is 47.

5. Before leaving the cube.

Make sure you check some things before leaving the cube.

  1. Did you sell your bully card (if you didn't use it)?
  2. Did you sell all of your robber cards (if you landed in the room)?