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The Chrono Quests can start as soon as level 70 with the Wraiths' Ploy. This guide will pick up where that left off and take you through the quests required to get into the 4 past maps, which can be accessed through the Chrono Gate. In addition to new grinding spots and unique quests, each map has a reward belt to be earned. These maps are the original way to grind and obtain Heavenrage Boots and the Helm of Holy Punishment. Once you are ready to start go to the Chrono Guide page which will give you a good idea of the progression and link you to the other guide pages in a logical order.


This guide assumes that you have completed the Wraiths' Ploy quest chain and can get into Old Heaven's Tear. You must also be at least level 90 to begin these quests.

Terms and Abbreviations

Quest Chains

This guide is broken up into three sections, one for each map. Each guide is named after which map it opens.

Chrono Quest - Unicorn Forest

Chrono Quest - Valley of the Scarred

Chrono Quest - Moonshade Desert