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This guide can be used by anyone who is new to blademaster class, PWI or even new to MMORPGs. Please consider that some of the facts stated in this guide are based on my personal experiences.



The blademaster class is recognized as one of the best solo classes in this game. With high physical defense and serious damage dealing skills they are considered to be the power house of the Perfect World. But most importantly blademasters have some awesome skills in their arsenal that makes blademasters an essential part of both squads and factions. There are two types of blademasters.

  1. Heavy Blademasters
  2. Light Blademasters

Blademasters with a heavy build have enormous physical defense and very good HP but relatively low accuracy and evasion. The downfall of the heavy build is the low magical defense. Blademasters with the light build have low physical defense and low HP. But they have good accuracy, evasion and magic defense. Heavy blademasters have the overall advantage in many situations but the light build is considered slightly better in some PvP situations.

In this guide we are going to consider the heavy build type which is the easiest of the two types. With their enormous strength heavy blademasters can take tons of damage and even play the role of a tank in many cases. Their swift and powerful strikes and awesome skills that deal serious damage make them an unstoppable force in this game.

Unlike other classes, blademasters have the option of choosing a path of weapons to master. They are:

  • Axe & Hammer
  • Sword & Blade
  • Fist & Claw
  • Pole arm

Since this guide is targeted towards the heavy build type, we can focus on the path of Axe & Hammer.


One of the most important things is the allocation of attribute points. This will determine all the aspects of your character. At each level you will receive 5 points that can be allocated to any of the attributes according to your preference. There are two ways of doing this.

First one is the standard method. Each time when you receive 5 points, add 3 points to strength (Str), 1 point to vitality (Vit) and the remaining point to dexterity (Dex). This will result in a balanced build.

The second way requires some hard work but has its advantages. Find an axe or a hammer which is about 10 levels higher than your level and that you are planning to acquire in future. Go through the stats of that weapon. You'll find the required amount of strength and dexterity to use it. With that on mind gradually add points to strength and dexterity as you level up, until it reaches the required amount. This way you'll have plenty of unallocated points which can be allocated to any attribute according to your preference. Adding points to different attributes result in different outcomes. For an example, adding points to

Strength = more physical defense and more attack power

Dexterity = more accuracy and more evasion

Vitality = more HP and higher HP regeneration speed

One good strategy is to keep the strength at the required level and allocate all the other points to dexterity and vitality. The reason being you require as much HP as you can have in higher levels to take on high damage dealing opponents and heaps of points in dexterity to take on other players such as light blademasters and archers.

(Hint: make sure you have about 3000-3500 HP when you are at level 60 and around 6000 HP when you are at level 80 including the additions from equipment. Allocate all of the rest to dexterity.)

(Always remember never to add a single point to magic or you will regret later.)

Weapons and Armor

There are several types of weapons and armor.

  1. Normal
  2. Legendary (weapons glow in yellow)
  3. Twilight (weapons glow in green)

When we consider the weapons, Legendary weapons and Twilight weapons are much more powerful than normal weapons. It is best if you can use a legendary weapons till level 60 if you can afford it. It will help you with much faster leveling and will give you the edge in PvP fights. Twilight weapons are only available after level 60. Twilight and Legendary weapons are almost the same when you consider there stats. So it's just a matter of your preference after level 60.

These are the best weapons available for a heavy blademaster till level 70. There's a lot more after level 70 as well.

Poleaxe of Righteous Level 22
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Handaxe of Demonic Roar Level 30
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Xeno’s Sledgehammer Level 41
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Gale Dual Hammers Level 52
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Skeleton Axes Level 60
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Hefty Poleaxe of Giants Level 62
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Thunderbolt Axes Level 70
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Calamity Axes of Blood Level 70
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(Hint: When adding shards to your weapon it's better to use Amber shards for increased accuracy.)

When we consider the armor there are three types.

  1. Heavy armor
  2. Light armor
  3. Arcane armor

As heavy blademasters you should always use heavy armor. Unlike weapons legendary armor are very rare to find at lower levels. If you managed to find one I strongly recommend you to buy it even with the expensive price tag. Twilight armor will be available after level 70.

(Hint :- When adding shards to your armor it's better to use Citrine shards for increased HP)

(Always remember to select an axe, a hammer or heavy armor when you get the chance to select an item as a reward at the end of a reward quest)


Blademaster's skills bring out the best in them. By managing these skills wisely you will be able to unleash the ultimate powers of the blademaster on your opponent.

Blademasters have a verity of skills that includes some devastating damage dealing skills, priceless squad buffs and healing skills. Blademasters can learn different skills according to their chosen path of weapon mastery. Since this guide is about axe and hammer path I'll only discuss the skills relevant to this path.

One of the major advantages of selecting axe and hammer path is that most of the path specific skills are AoE skills. AoE skills affect multiple opponents around you. These AoE skills become more than useful when it comes to Territory Wars and faster leveling.

Since money and spirit is a constraint it is extremely important to learn the most essential skills and level them up as much as you can. Following skills are the most important and the most essential for a blademaster who has chosen the path of axe and hammer. So it's best if you can spend your precious spirit only on these skills.

Drakes Ray.jpg Drake's Ray Long range skill.
Cloud Sprint.jpg Cloud Sprint Increases your movement speed.
Aura of the Golden Bell.jpg Aura of the Golden Bell One of the strengths of the blademaster. Increases the physical defense by 60% when maxed.
Aeolian Blade.jpg Aeolian Blade Needs to be maxed to be most effective. Has a chance to stun the enemy.
Roar of the Pride.jpg Roar of the Pride Stuns all the enemies around you.
Diamond Sutra.jpg Diamond Sutra Heals yourself.
Axe and Hammer Mastery.jpg Axe and Hammer Mastery Increases attack power.
Drake Bash.jpg Drake Bash Stuns the enemy. Deals good damage as well.
Fan of Flames.jpg Fan of Flames Affects all the enemies in front of you.
Highland Cleave.jpg Highland Cleave Affects all the enemies around you.
Drake Sweep.jpg Drake Sweep Affects all the enemies around you.
Fissure.jpg Fissure Affects all the enemies around you.
Heavens Flame.jpg Heaven's Flame Affects all the enemies around you. This is the skill that differentiates an axe & hammer blademaster from all the others. A devastating damage dealing skill. But it's better leaving this skill till you are done with other important skills.


This is one of the areas where blademasters stand out from the rest. Axe and hammer blademasters stand out even more because of their unique additional stun skill (Drake Bash). If you can use the stun skills effectively, you will be "the one" to beat in PvP fights. This is the very same reason why all the other classes hates axe and hammer blademasters so much when it comes to duels and Territory Wars.

The important thing is to maintain a stun lock. A stun lock means always keeping your opponent stunned. This way you'll be able to finish off your opponent without them being able to land a single hit on you. To do this you need to have all your stun skills maxed. (Drake Bash, Roar of the Pride, Aeolian Blade)

Hint: The following combo can be used as a stun lock (as long as the stun skills don't miss).

Drake Bash + Drake's Ray + Drake Sweep + Fan of Flames + Roar of the Pride + Fissure + Highland Cleave + Aeolian Blade

Since this combo includes AoE skills as well it'll be more than useful in Territory Wars as well.


AoE Grinding

This is one of the strengths of the axe and hammer blademasters. This is also considered as a very good way for faster leveling. It is quite simple to do as well. Run through several monsters. Once all of them get close use a combo of your 4 AoE skills on them repeatedly.

Fissure + Highland Cleave + Drake Sweep + Fan of Flames

(Always remember to use a guardian charm or get the help of a cleric as a safety measure when you are AoE grinding.)


Genies are an essential for any class. When it comes to blademasters their genie can make the difference of life and death. If you can manage and use the skills of your genie properly it will bring a whole lot difference to your game play.

The best suited genie for a heavy blademaster is a one with lots of vitality and magic. So it's better to put all your free points in Genie to those two attributes. This will extend your genies energy limit as well as allowing it to learn additional skills. The following skills are the best suited for a heavy blademaster's genie.

Tree of protection - Replenishes your HP in an instant

Holy path - Increases movement speed

Any long range skill - You don't have to max this skill. Level 1 would be more than enough. This skill can be used to lure a single monster out from a pack.