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Bankers can be found in every city/village near postboxes. Bankers allow you the option to store your items and coins into their banks by clicking the "Safe Service" option, and those items and coins can then be accessed by you from any other banker on that server.

The number of slots in your bank storage can be increased from the original 16 slots by doing the two "Increase Safe Slots" quests (+8 slots per quest, you will require Dragon Quest materials to complete the quest) or you can choose the option of the quest to buy a Safe Extension Stone to increase it by 8 slots. You can have up to 80 slots for all types of items in your bank.

You can also purchase Cupboard Stones, which each add 8 more slots to a separate part of your bank storage, however it is mostly limited to crafting items. The cupboard has a maximum of 80 slots, which are separate from the standard bank slots.

Bankers also have the "Account Stash" option which allows you to store coins for your other characters on the same server. Items can also be stored in the account stash, but only after you've purchased the Account Stash Stone from the boutique and activated it, which adds 16 slots for the account stash.

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