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This guide is intended to be a tool in helping out some of the PWI players who refuse to spend money or do not have the money to spend on the game when it comes to veno pets or whatever the case may be. It's written in my own words and from my own point of view through numerous experiences within Perfect World.

This guide is also intended to be a separate addition to my previously written guide "Angelyz's Guide to Venomancers". For information on any pet strategy, skill, or other info I strongly urge you to check out that guide.

Allow me to introduce myself... My name is Angelyz and I am a roleplayer Veno on Dreamweaver server. I have put forth much time and have gone through more pets and pet skills than you can imagine in order to give you my best possible solution and advice on what pets you should get. Whether you can or can't afford to pay $80.00 - $90.00 (roughly) of real life money to get one of the two good pets, this guide is still for you. So listen up, you might learn something.

Types of Venomancer Pets

OK, so first of all, there are 3 basic types of pets you will need in PW. These are land, air, and water pets. Of these types of pets, the water pet is the one you will use the least since there really aren't all that many water based quests when compared to other quests. Because of this, I'm not going to go into too much detail on water pets other than to tell you to just tame whatever is the closest to your level when it comes time to do a water quest.

To be fair though, I do recommend taming a "Celestial Plumpfish" as your final water pet at level 80. This is the water pet that I have found to be the toughest and best tanking pet for underwater battle. In order to keep a water pet at your level you will need to do a lot of grinding on mobs your own level or above.

The air pets may be used both in the air or on ground; however, using a flying pet on the ground tends to get the pet stuck in the ground at times due to an in-game glitch. Stowing and re-summoning usually fixes this but it could mean getting hit a few times or possibly dying, so I would suggest using them for what they're meant for, air combat!

Now, when it comes to flying pets, the best choice at a low level is the "Baby Blazing Phoenix" also known as "Nix". This pet can be purchased from the cash shop with roughly about $90.00 US dollars (give or take). You will need to spend that money on 9,999 "Phoenix Feathers" and combine them at the Zoologist to get your Nix.

Nix is primarily used in PvP battles because of its high damage output due to its Physical Attack buff it comes with. It's truly a great pet to have, but to be honest, Nix is one of the two reasons that I am writing this guide. This is because there are pets that can defeat Nix that you can go out and tame for free, and with less of the money you would spend to buy a Nix, you can obtain a few select skills that will help in making your pet better than Nix.

I bet you're wondering which pets now aren't you? As a Venomancer you get to choose between a wolf and a scorpion at level 2 as I described in my "Angelyz's Guide to Venomancers" guide. Assuming that you chose the scorpion like I recommended, you now have a ground pet who (with the right skills) can defeat Nix with a much higher damage output. I will give you the low down on that in a bit....

Now you may be asking, what about an air pet to take on Nix instead of the land based scorpion? That's a very good question!! I give you... The "Petite Sawfly" air pet. This pet can be tamed in most newbie areas at level 8. Again, with the right skills obtained at high levels for less than the cost of Nix, you can make this flier out-damage and kill a Nix of the same level in a duel.

(Correction of what Angelyz said)
No pet can be as strong as the Phoenix, even if you buy the "right" skills. Using the examples given....

Name HP Atk PDef MDef Acc Dodge Atk/s m/s DPS
Varicose Scorpion 3639 5210 6628 (62%) 7953 (66%) 2375 1357 0.6 7.1 3840
Petite Sawfly 3288 5156 6588 (62%) 6588 (62%) 2192 1349 0.6 8.9 3800
Blazing Phoenix 4967 6399 9952 (71%) 11942 (74%) 2887 1698 1 11 6775

These are the stats of the referred to pets at level 100, with level 5 Claw and Blessing of the Pack (Phoenix Skills)

Although the Sawfly and the Scorpion are great alternatives, currently there is no pet superior to the Nix for PvP purposes. The Baby Blazing Phoenix is the only pet with a completely maxed growth chart (see Phoenix (pet group)).

The final type of pet is the land pet obviously. There are two types of land pets which are the "tank" and the "DD" pets. DD stands for Damage Doer to most people. The difference between the two are the HP, Physical Attack, and Physical Defense attributes. Tank pets are the ones that have higher HP and Physical Defense. They can take more damage between heals than that of a DD pet such as the scorpion. DD pets typically have lower HP, lower Physical Defense, and higher Physical Attack than Tank pets.

Finally, there is the the Tank pet known as "Baby Hercules" or "Herc" for short. This is the 2nd of the two cash shop pets which, again, will run you about the same cost as Nix by purchasing 9,999 "Source of Force" from the cash shop and combining them at the Zoologist. The Herc pet comes with its own Bramble as well as a nice Physical Defense buff. Herc is truly a force to be reckoned with at low levels; however, the Glacial Walker pet is not far behind.

Glacial Walkers can be tamed at level 19 for free and again, with the right skills at high level, it can defeat Herc. The following is a breakdown of what skills and what pets should have the skills in order to defeat Herc and Nix as well as PvE purposes. Assuming that you've read my guide to venos, I'm not gonna explain what each skill does in the following, I'll just list the skills...

Varicose Scorpion ~ Bash > Reflect > Claw > Flesh Ream OR Bloodthirst/Bloodhunger

Petite Sawfly ~ Bash > Reflect > Claw > Flesh Ream OR Bloodthirst/Bloodhunger

Glacial Walker ~ Icicle > Tough > Strong > Flesh Ream OR Bloodthirst/Bloodhunger

Volcanic Magmite ~ Claw > Strong > Blessing of the Pack > Flesh Ream OR Bloodthirst/Bloodhunger

Celestial Plumpfish ~ Claw > Strong > Reflect > Flesh Ream OR Bloodthirst/Bloodhunger

So there you have it. The Scorpion and the Sawfly with that set of skills can and will defeat a Nix of the same level. The Walker is the same against Herc. I included the Magmite because it is always good to have a backup tank to summon if and when the Walker dies. The Magmite can be tamed at level 17.

(Correction of what Angelyz said)
Regarding the comparison of the Baby Hercules and the Glacial Walker pets...

Name HP Atk PDef MDef Acc Dodge Atk/s m/s DPS
Baby Hercules 4585 3210 24880 (86%) 19903 (83%) 2547 1358 0.8 8.2 2853
Glacial Walker 3553 3901 24430 (85%) 17915 (81%) 1501 1112 0.6 6.4 2875

These are the stats of a level 100 Herc and Glacial Walker with level 5 Strong and Protect.

They are really similar, these two. But claiming that one is better than the other makes no sense. To make up for that HP lack on Glacial you could buy Blessing of the Pack skill which would increase the HP to 4619. However, keep in mind that at the current price of the skills you'll be much better off buying the pets, and that is for Nix and Herc.

Claiming that Magmite will defeat Herc and that Sawfly will defeat Nix is subjective as it completely depends on the player, for instance if the player decides to don't let their Herc or Nix attack it is obvious that there won't be much chances of winning.

Please take also note that Herc is primarily meant for tanking purposes, therefore having more defense. While it's true the Glacial Walker has a slightly higher damage that becomes almost completely irrelevant while tanking. While Glacial Walker would be able to defeat Herc if the Walker had the skills presented above, that fact itself becomes irrelevant if you remember Herc is a tanking pet and not meant to PvP.

Now don't take me wrong Angelyz presents great information here, I just added a few more things so you won't be mislead by anything.

In Closing

Everyone has their own taste in pets, some go for looks, some go for power, and some go for both. In this guide, I focus on power. This guide goes out to and is dedicated to those of you who cannot afford or do not wish to spend the outrageous cost of buying Herc and Nix. Who knows? Maybe this will even save some of you some money that you had planned on spending on Herc and Nix.

I am in no way trying to persuade anyone to "not" buy these two great pets. However, if your plan is to buy them, ask yourself the following...

1. Is it really worth it to spend that kind of money to have just slightly better pets at low levels? Knowing that there are pets out there who can defeat these two at a fraction of the cost after higher levels are reached?

2. Can I settle for the Scorpion, Sawfly, and Walker until I can afford to obtain the necessary skills?

NOTE: These skills can be used at low levels as well if you buy them from other players. Keep in mind that the total cost of buying multiple copies of these skills is still way less than buying the Herc and Nix.

It's a win/win situation! Save money and have better pets, the choice is yours. Don't get me wrong, these are all great pets and I would recommend any one of them. If you read this guide after already purchasing Herc and Nix, don't be discouraged, you have great pets who will get you through almost anything.

I hope that you have enjoyed my guides and learned from them. It has been a pleasure for me to write all that I have in order to lend a helping hand to as many venos as I can. See you on the battlefield!