Derjan's Ancient Hatchling

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Monster Stats

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Derjan's Ancient Hatchling

Basic Level: 101 Group Name: Hatchling
Type: Land (rare) Aggressive: No
Aggro Time: 15.00 sec Aggro Range: 40.00 meters
Base Element: Water Weak Element: Earth

Locations: Morai: Derjan's Rest

354,538,6 346,528,11 362,544,1
Awarded Values for Killing Monster
EXP SP Coins
541 111 216 (±65)

Monster Stats
Hit Points Physical Attack Magical Attack Physical Defense Accuracy Evasion
66803 856-1046 1135-1387 2082 5320 390

Magical Defenses
Metal Wood Water Fire Earth
2577 2577 4188 2577 1503

Hatchling Icon.png

Pet Stats

HP Hit Points
P. Def Physical Defense
M. Def Magic Defense
Regen Regeneration
S. Dmg Savage Damage
W. Dmg Wild Damage
T. Dmg Tame Damage
L. Dmg Loyal Damage
Acc Accuracy
Move Movement Speed

Hatchling Growth Chart.png
Growth Profile

Cost to Hatch: 2000000 coins
Cost to Revert to Egg: 50000 coins
Food Type(s): Hay
Evolves to: Imperial Skeleton

Default Battle Skills (Maximum of 4 Skills)

Skill 1 Roar Roar 1 Roar to attract enemy's attacks.
Skill 2 Pierce Pierce 1 Attack an enemy and decrease its Physical Defense by 20% for 15 seconds.
Skill 3 Bash Bash 1 Launch a fierce strike at the enemy, dealing 140% of pet's base physical damage.

Level HP P. Def M. Def Evade Regen 1.0 Attack/s Acc Speed
S Dmg W Dmg T Dmg L Dmg
101 3292 8042 8042 1337  ?  ? 2788 3485 4182 2778 8.2

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